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How Telegram is Positioning Itself to Tap into $530 Billion Funds Transfer Market

By David Drake Telegram, an instant messaging cloud-based app, is seeking to transform the way people interact and make payments. Through its proposed blockchain-backed Telegram Open Network – and in conjunction with its cryptocurrency, Gram – Telegram is set to become the first western chat app to offer payment services to users. In doing so, it has become China’s WeChat […]

Can Telegram Mobilize its Huge Following to Make ICO a Success?

by David Drake Early this week, reports emerged that messaging app, Telegram, will be launching an initial coin offering (ICO) to fund its blockchain-backed network, Telegram Open Network (TON). With a target of raising $1.2 billion, Telegram is set to run the largest token sale in the history of ICOs. Industry players note that should this ICO succeed, it will […]

Will Telegram’s Decentralized Platform OutSmart WeChat?

By David Drake There are reports that Telegram is launching a landmark initial coin offering (ICO) in  upcoming months. The company plans to set up a blockchain platform, known as Telegram Open Network (TON), to facilitate payment via its messaging app. Some industry players view the integration of blockchain into a messaging app as an attractive model that users will […]