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Will Investments by Ripple and Binance Accelerate Future Adoption of Blockchain?

  by David Drake   The need to encourage responsible innovation in the cryptocurrency space has received a huge boost. Ripple, a cryptocurrency and payments start-up has committed $50 million to a research program called the University Blockchain Research Initiative. The program has already partnered with 17 universities across the world to facilitate research and development in cryptocurrency, blockchain and […]

Top 5 Ways Blockchain is Going Mainstream in the Business World

  by David Drake   Global spending on research and development has reached $1.7 trillion. 80% of this amount was spent by only 10 countries, the highest being the United States, followed by China and Japan in terms of percentage GDP. To a large extent, research and development spending reflects the importance a country places on innovation, which is the […]

How Impact Seeding and Research will Impact the Future of Blockchain

  by David Drake   Startups in the cryptocurrency space are not just after disrupting the status quo, they are aiming at providing venture capital, competing with traditional early stage investors. Early this month, Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trade volumes declared that it was setting aside $1 billion in a Social Impact Fund to finance cryptocurrency […]

Will Funds from Ripple and Binance Catalyze the Adoption of Blockchain Technology?

  by David Drake     Smooth-functioning, transparent and resilient financial systems are important for the economic development of countries. This is the reason why blockchain technology has the potential to transform the financial sector and, by extension, the entire global economy. Although this technology has made significant headway in the mainstream financial sector, its potential is far from being fully […]

Can Blockchain Funds Ensure Lasting Results for the Cryptocurrency Industry?

  by David Drake     Research and development are critical components of driving innovation because they allow for the development of new technologies, knowledge and techniques. With changes in technology, people are able to generate more outputs with the same amount of resources, and sometimes even fewer resources – an aspect that increases productivity. At the same time, startups that […]

How Research and Social Impact Initiatives will Accelerate Blockchain Application

  by David Drake     Impact investing is trending globally, attracting both individual and institutional investors.  At the beginning of 2016, the global ‘impact’ market stood at just below $23 trillion. On May 31, 2018, a leading cryptocurrency trading exchange, Binance, joined impact investing when it announced plans to launch a $1 billion venture capital fund dubbed the “Social Impact […]

The Real Reason Why the UK Government wants to Understand Cryptos Better

by David Drake On the 22nd of February, the Treasury Committee in the UK Parliament set up an inquiry into the benefits and risks posed by cryptocurrencies. This follows increased public investment in the unregulated sector which has seen companies make huge returns and losses. The UK Government offers no protection to cryptocurrency investors. Just a few weeks ago, players […]

Western Union Trials: Will it Push Ripple’s Value Up?

by David Drake According to Coinmarketcap, Ripple is currently the third largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $44.6 billion. Its  digital network for financial transactions has proven popular in the cryptocurrency market. This popularity has attracted several high-profile financial institutions and prompted them to pilot Ripple’s technology in the mainstream financial markets. On February 14, 2017, Western Union, the biggest […]

Why Governments Want to Introduce Rules in the CryptoMarket

by David Drake 2018 has seen regulators accelerate the pace of cryptocurrency rule-making and enforcement. Since the start of the year, countries across the board have begun to consider regulating cryptocurrency trading. This move was largely influenced by the high speculation in 2017 that saw Bitcoin hit its highest price of about $19,000. Beside the rapid price increments, Bitcoin also […]

What Factors Make Bitcoin Prices Highly Volatile?

By David Drake Though Bitcoin has quickly become the next best thing, it still has a lot to prove before it can cash into widespread acceptance and use. A superficial analysis of this cryptocurrency reveals high chances of making super profits for investors. While its potential as an alternative to centralized economies and devaluing local currencies makes it easily noticeable, […]