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MIT Review: Why this Leading Tech Institution Says Blockchain Will Go Mainstream this Year

  By David Drake   After a difficult 2018, the cryptocurrency industry is expected to recover after a tech review done by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) predicted that blockchain is likely to go mainstream this year. This prediction is a departure from the reports highlighted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Forrester Research last year. In its report, […]

Finance and Retail Sectors will Lead in Blockchain Adoption, Here’s Why

  By David Drake   The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the leading Science and Technology institutes in the US, has predicted that blockchain will become the norm in 2019. As a critical part of the infrastructure governing digital coins, the technology is embedded with potent features such as transparency and tracking mechanisms, that will prove vital to […]

Which Sectors Will be First to Mainstream Blockchain in 2019?

  By David Drake   One of the fascinating aspects of technology is its dynamic nature. This aspect has ensure that once mainstreamed, businesses have the option to embrace it or be edged out. Despite its numerous advantages and application, mainstreaming of blockchain has had its fair share of challenges, more so in 2018 when the valuation of most cryptocurrencies […]

Why Finance and Legal Sectors Could Trailblaze Blockchain Mainstreaming in 2019

  By David Drake   For the past two years, blockchain has experienced ups and downs and has not lived up to the expectations of some, especially in the value of cryptocurrencies. Despite this, in its evaluation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) expects blockchain to become the norm in 2019. In its review, the institute argues this will happen because […]

3 Sectors that Will be at the Forefront of Mainstreaming Blockchain in 2019

  By David Drake   Although blockchain technology offers significant improvements to the current centralised systems, it has made small strides in the mainstream economy. Critics believe that this paints a grim future for the technology as it has been nearly 10 years since the technology was first created. Despite such views, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) predicts that […]