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Beyond Ports and Shipping Companies, TradeLens is Now Capturing Government Interest

  By David Drake   The blockchain-backed shipping platform developed by IBM and Maersk, TradeLens, is increasingly becoming a household name in the shipping industry. Just recently, another huge project was added to the platform. According to a financial media in Russia, Kommersant, the country’s Transport Ministry has announced plans to run trials on TradeLens as a shipping solution. TradeLens […]

How Blockchain Could Boost the Performance Transport and Logistics Sectors

  By David Drake   Across sectors, companies are progressively depending on technology to reduce costs,  increase efficiency in processes and improve transparency. As an emerging technology, blockchain seems to be providing all these aspects. This has seen industries across board develop interest in blockchain due to its ability to solve problems relating to storage, security and transparency of transactions. […]

How Blockchain-based Platform, Tradelens is Transforming the Shipping Industry

  By David Drake   After months of collaboration, starting June 2016 between IBM and Maersk shipping company, Tradelens blockchain shipping platform was launched in August of 2018. This launch marked the opening and commercialization of the platform for wider industry infiltration. According to IBM and Maersk, Tradelens will solve problems peculiar to the shipping industry such as too much […]

Can the Transport and Logistics Sectors Take the Lead in Blockchain Mass Adoption?

  By David Drake   Whenever blockchain technology is mentioned, it is highly probable that the financial sector is the first thing that comes to mind. But the distributed ledger technology is making significant headways in other sectors and one of the sectors that is reaping benefits from adopting this technology is supply chain. As trade continues to grow, the […]

Major Spanish Port Latest to Use Blockchain in Shipping

  By David Drake   The Port Authority of the Bay of Algeciras (APBA), a major Spanish shipping port, recently signed up to use the Tradelens, the shipping platform developed by IBM. Tradelens was developed in conjunction with Maersk, the international logistics giant. Shipping and logistics are considered low hanging fruits when it comes to early adoption of blockchain-based features […]