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How Regulation and Talent are Pushing Europe to the Top of Global ICO Map

  By David Drake   The number of cryptocurrencies being issued each month keeps growing. However, countries where these digital assets are being issued can choose to either regulate them, leave the industry unregulated, or ban them altogether. In countries like China, the government has opted for a complete ban of cryptocurrency trading activities while in the US, the industry […]

What Factors are Driving ICO Financing in the European Market?

  By David Drake   Across the globe, interest in cryptocurrencies has been on the rise. Europe, especially, is quickly developing into a hub for cryptocurrencies with a substantial amount of money being invested in the industry through initial coin offerings (ICOs). This year alone, the amount raised through the sale of tokens in Europe has almost surpassed that of […]

How Non-Restrictive Regulations have Enables Europe to Double US, Asia ICO Sales

  By David Drake   As the rest of the world battles with regulations and government lockdowns, Europe is surging past its major competitors in the US and Asia, according to a report published by Fabric Ventures. The continent has successfully launched Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) valued at $4.1 billion this year alone, which is almost the sum total of its […]

2 Effective Tactics Europe is Using to Increase ICO Investment in the Region

  By David Drake   Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have taken off as the prefered way for raising project funds for cryptocurrency related startups compared to the red-taped, costly Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). Token sales in the first nine months of the year have hit the $12.3 billion mark, doubling the amount raised during the whole of 2017. With the […]

Cryptocurrency Events are Marketing Avenues for ICO Startups, Here’s How

  By David Drake   Over the last two years, the popularity of cryptocurrencies has increased significantly and the technology underlying digital currencies has not been left behind. As speculation pushed the prices of Bitcoin to a peak of almost $20,000 towards the end of 2017, blockchain gained popularity. But it is not just Bitcoin that ignited the interest in […]

Why Conferences Might Increase the Chances of Success for ICO Projects

  By David Drake   Conferences have become regular occurrences in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, a testament of the growth that is happening in the industry. These events provide a unique platform for industry players to interact and share ideas, experiences and knowledge. And as the industry growth, I have  had a chance to keynote, moderate and speak in […]

Crypto-Events: Are they Opportunities or Misfortunes for ICO projects

  By David Drake   Increasingly, conferences revolving around blockchain and cryptocurrencies are being held more often in different parts of the world. On average, at least ten crypto events take place every month around the globe. These events present unique opportunities for startups in the cryptocurrency space, especially initial coin offering (ICO) companies. During such events, companies such as […]

5 Reasons ICO Companies Should Attend Live Conferences

  by David Drake     For movers and shakers in the financial and cryptocurrency world, and in many other arenas, live conferences and summits are not novel concepts. In fact, every month, some of the most influential people from different niche groups converge in various parts of the globe for conferences. I’ve been attended many conference events in the blockchain […]

Why Crypto Conferences are Fertile Grounds for Development and Fundraising

  By David Drake   The emergence and growth of the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has inevitably introduced new concepts to the traditional way of doing business, including the money market. The cryptocurrency index funds offer maximum returns on investment while ensuring less risk for investors, compared to conventional hedge funds and exchanges. An analysis of the crypto index fund […]

Fake ICOs: How Can Cryptocurrency Investors Stay Safe?

  by David Drake   Growth of the cryptocurrency industry has led to an increase of fraudulent projects that falsify information in order to attract investors. Crypto-flare is one such project. Recently, I noted that the project  has flagrantly faked its advisors and management. The site alleges that Saars Levi is its CEO and co-founder , and lists me as […]