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Fake Data is Causing the Drop in Cryptocurrency Trading Volumes, Here’s Why

  By David Drake   The first two months of 2019 saw cryptocurrency exchanges register less trading volumes compared to what had been recorded in the same period last year. In fact, a report released by Diar, a research firm that focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, states that trading volumes at the beginning of this year are at their lowest […]

From 2017’s Speculative Overbought to 2019’s Oversold: Is there Hope for Crypto Exchanges?

  By David Drake   With the first quarter of 2019 coming to an end, a glimpse of cryptocurrency performance for the period can be termed as lackluster, to say the least. Bitcoin prices have hit their lowest point since August 2017 with a low of $3,441 in January 2019. Cryptocurrency exchanges have not been spared by poor performance during […]

Why Crypto Exchanges are Experiencing Low Trading Volumes

  By David Drake   The market capitalization of $600 billion that cryptocurrencies began with in 2018 shrunk significantly to $138 billion by the end of the year. Crypto exchanges have subsequently recorded an all-time low in trading volume at the start of 2019. Some of the most prolific exchanges like Binance, OKEx, Gemini, and Coinbase experienced huge drops in […]

The Real Reason Cryptocurrency Exchanges are Registering Low Trading Volumes

  By David Drake   The cryptocurrency industry experienced a tough year in 2018 and this seems to be rolling over to 2019. Recently Diar, a crypto and blockchain research-based organization, reported that crypto exchanges trading volumes were at their lowest in January 2019 compared to two years ago. At the same time Binance, the world’s leading crypto exchange, registered […]

Why Crypto Exchange Trading Volumes are Down, but Not Out

  By David Drake   The cryptocurrency industry was largely affected in 2018 after its market capitalization dropped to $127 billion in December, from a high of $741 billion recorded at the start of the same year. Its most dominant coin, Bitcoin, shed over 74% of its value in the same period to close the year at about $3892. Similarly, […]

How France ICO VISA System Can Inspire Other Countries

  By David Drake   In October, the French finance minister announced that parliament approved a framework for initial coin offerings (ICOs) that would ease how fintech companies do business in the country. The progressive regulatory provision requires companies that want to launch ICOs submit white papers to French authorities for review. If successful, the companies receive an ICO visa […]

Fidelity Investments Creates Special Crypto Platform, Will Wall Street Companies Follow?

  By David Drake   Fidelity Investments is now offering alternative solutions to clients that are in cryptocurrency trading business. The Wall Street firm has set up a new company dubbed Fidelity Digital Asset Service LLC to serve as both as custodian and trader for family offices, hedge funds, and endowment funds on various exchanges. The primary purpose of this […]

How France Could Become the Leading ICO Destination in Europe

  By David Drake   Like many countries in Europe, France is not new to cryptocurrencies. However, its popularity in the cryptocurrency space is getting better and better. This is because the French Parliament has adopted an initial coin offerings framework proposed by the country’s financial market regulator. According to the regulator, the country is positioning itself to become an […]

How Binance’s Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange Addresses Key ICO Challenges in Singapore

  By David Drake   The world’s largest digital currency trading platform, Binance, started testing its beta version of fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchange in Singapore a few weeks ago. News about the launch of the fiat exchange were received positively as the country allows the use of virtual currencies and enjoys government support. But Binance’s decision to launch a fiat exchange in […]

Binance Moves to Uganda Just Weeks After Launching Tests on Beta Version in Singapore

  by David Drake    Just weeks after rolling out the testing phase for a Beta Version of the Singapore Fiat Exchange, Binance is on the news again having opened its first fiat-crypto exchange in Uganda this week. According to a press release by Binance Uganda, the newly launched branch is set to begin operations shortly, allowing users to make […]