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DITMo: Hedging without Shorting?

by Peter J de Marigny, DITMo Capital, Newport Beach, CA In a bull market hedged portfolios generally underperform.  The problem for most investors is that reducing risk requires forgoing upside benefit.  Should reducing risk be a question of diversification only?  This is an approach of many financial advisors using mean variance historical returns to show an “efficient frontier” curve.  The […]

Mangan, logi Energy, Market and Diesel Fuel Hedging Discussion

Dennis Mangan, Logi Energy, November 2: Crude Oil: This week we finally saw weakness return and closed down $3.50 at $77.00. We had a BUY SIGNAL and we have put on partial hedges at around the 25% level. Considering the current Crack Spreads, the Crude Oil is where we want to hedge. The Indicators changed direction and triggered a Buy […]