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Take Advantage of the Future by Investing Now

              Investors at all levels have been tempted to stash their savings away in what they view as safe places: federally-insured banks, gold, their mattresses. But, as retirement creeps closer, or for some of you, continues on, it is difficult to protect the value of what you have. It is even more difficult to take what you have and get […]

The Strenuous Life of the American Dollar

              With the enormous amount of government spending, some level of U.S. inflation is inevitable; but how high that level might get is debatable. With the global economy crawling out of the Great Recession, inflation-flavored fears now fill news broadcasts. As a result, gold and oil prices have climbed as inflation-conscious investors have poured their money into commodities due to […]

BHA Q1 2009 Alternative Investor Report

Working with a group of 150 alternative investment managers, alternative investor research company, Brighton House Associates,(BHA) published its Quarterly Research Report highlighting insights and trends from this research that are most pertinent to industry professionals. In summary of the report, the markets continued their downward trend in Q1, but the ability of hedge fund managers and alternative investors to adapt […]

Hedge My Job

  It looks like the market for `financial dream jobs´ may have actually perked up amidst the financial turmoil of the past few months.  Investment managers saw a 22% increase in job offers as rival firms take advantage of the increasing number of financial services workers looking for a job by “snapping up the cream of the crop on much less than […]

SPDR Explanation

In an interview with Dan Dolan of Select Sector SPDRs on how the economic crunch is affecting trading rhythms, Dolan presented a broad overview of sector SPDRs and how more hedge funds and institutional investors are utilising the option of buying baskets of securities over single stock options. The term SPDR is an acronym for Standard & Poor’s Depositary Receipts. […]

European Hedge Funds and FOHF’s in 2008

European hedge funds are begining to show promise as new launches in the US decline. One recent fund launch is DanFonds, which is focusing on frontier markets, a hybrid between the public market hedge fund approach and the private equity model. Agilo, a London hedge fund is in talks with Hugh Hefner planning to re-open the Playboy Headquarters in London. […]