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Printable Version: “DITMo Hedge Strategy Monthly” (Dec 2011, Issue #5)

GARP SoCal Director, Pj de Marigny, PM DITMo Strategies: 20pgs, 20 Hedge Strategies and Indexes with Atrributions, Probabilities of Risk and Return for 10,5, 3, 1 Yr periods, Ranking Color-coded Matrices, Risk/Return Graphs and Commentary.DITMo Hedge Strategy Monthly Dec11-Issue5 (PRINTABLE Version)

S. California GARP Conferences: IBM, DITMo, Enhanced Cash

Pj de Marigny, DITMo Strategies Director, GARP, S. California Chapter Two GARP Conferences (One past, one present): Go to www.GARP.com (Free membership for all Powerpoint Presentations of Worldwide Chapters) GARP S. California will be hosting an invitation only conference in Los Angeles sponsored by IBM. Chief Risk Officers of major financial institutions. Date: 29November2011 Time: 7:30am – 10:30am Place: Los […]