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The Fed Meeting Fallout, US$ Strength / Smaller than Expected Debt Limit Increase, Shadow Home Inventory on the Rise, State Budget Problems

The Fed chose not to change rates or comments during the Wednesday meeting. While we anticipated this outcome in our Monday post, the market reaction has been anything but expected. In months past the type of Fed commentary exhibited this week led to a lower US$ and inverse strength in commodity and equity markets. This week the results have been […]

Real Estate Wrap-up and the RIA

Residential Real Estate  There are dozens of reasons why the residential real estate market bubbled and exploded, causing the ensuing credit crisis and economic strife. The popularity of loans requiring no documentation, the easy access to sub-prime loans and the Federal Reserve’s decision to keep interest rates low all intertwined to fuel the housing crisis. The housing bubble was also […]

Despite Case Schiller, Housing’s Darkest Days Still Lie Ahead

Early last week, real estate circles were sent abuzz by the release of the Standard and Poor’s/Case Schiller national home price index, which revealed that average home prices in the nation’s 20 largest markets experienced a 3% jump in valuations during the second quarter.  It marked the first quarterly increase in 3 years for the index, leading some prognosticators to […]

Credit Thaw, LIBOR Trend, Commercial Paper,M Hanson Real Estate, CA Home Sales Report, Earning of Interest ABX, NETL

We have been following the LIBOR story since the beginning of the credit crisis. Conventional wisdom suggests that if the LIBOR rate is going up then there are problems with the credit markets and if rates are going down then credit is flowing freely. This story highlights a possible wrinkle in this theory. Rates are clearly going down but the […]

Japan Shifting Away From the US Dollar, Option Adjust-rate Mortgages Delinquencies, Russia Threatens to Seize ArcelorMittal’s Mines

RCM Comment: I am loath to bore you with the same story over and over but the story’s far reaching ramifications demand that we cover this story like the wet blanket it represents. You see, there is a fire raging in the U.S.. Our government is burning paper (US$s) at an alarming clip as it spends aggressively to avoid the […]