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Will SEC’s Decision Not to Classify Ether as Security Fuel Demand for Decentralised Applications?

  by David Drake     Since the Ethereum blockchain network went live in 2015, it has significantly impacted the cryptocurrency industry. The network has been used by developers to create decentralized applications (DApps) and launch cryptocurrency based projects due to its smart contract feature. Additionally, ether, the utility token that runs on the Ethereum network, has been used to power […]

What Can the Crypto Market Expect following SEC’s Announcement that Ether is Not a Security?

  by David Drake     Ether, the digital currency based on the Ethereum blockchain technology, will not be considered as a security. This is according to William Hinman, the Securities and Exchange Commission, (SEC) Corporate Finance Division Director. Speaking during the Yahoo Finance All Markets Conference, Hinman made it clear that ether need not be regulated like stocks and bonds. […]

How SEC’s Clarity on Ether Could Boost Cryptocurrency Growth

  by David Drake     Ethereum network has played a significant role in the growth of the cryptocurrency market. As the network on which the digital currency, ether, runs, Ethereum provides a platform for developers to create decentralised applications. Earlier this year, there was uncertainty among crypto-developers when the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) through its Chairman, said tokens and […]

What SEC’s Latest View of Decentralized Currencies Means for the Crypto Industry

  by David Drake     Earlier this month, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that ether, a virtual currency, will not be regulated as a security. These news alone saw the price of ether rise by 9.4%, from $468 to $515. The price of bitcoin also rose by 4.8%, from $6,300 to $6,645 following a statement made by William […]

The Real Reason Why the UK Government wants to Understand Cryptos Better

by David Drake On the 22nd of February, the Treasury Committee in the UK Parliament set up an inquiry into the benefits and risks posed by cryptocurrencies. This follows increased public investment in the unregulated sector which has seen companies make huge returns and losses. The UK Government offers no protection to cryptocurrency investors. Just a few weeks ago, players […]

Western Union Trials: Will it Push Ripple’s Value Up?

by David Drake According to Coinmarketcap, Ripple is currently the third largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $44.6 billion. Its  digital network for financial transactions has proven popular in the cryptocurrency market. This popularity has attracted several high-profile financial institutions and prompted them to pilot Ripple’s technology in the mainstream financial markets. On February 14, 2017, Western Union, the biggest […]

Why Governments Want to Introduce Rules in the CryptoMarket

by David Drake 2018 has seen regulators accelerate the pace of cryptocurrency rule-making and enforcement. Since the start of the year, countries across the board have begun to consider regulating cryptocurrency trading. This move was largely influenced by the high speculation in 2017 that saw Bitcoin hit its highest price of about $19,000. Beside the rapid price increments, Bitcoin also […]

What Factors Make Bitcoin Prices Highly Volatile?

By David Drake Though Bitcoin has quickly become the next best thing, it still has a lot to prove before it can cash into widespread acceptance and use. A superficial analysis of this cryptocurrency reveals high chances of making super profits for investors. While its potential as an alternative to centralized economies and devaluing local currencies makes it easily noticeable, […]

Is the Decision by Amazon and Starbucks’ to Incorporate Cryptocurrencies in their Business Models Right?

by David Drake Blockchain was just a buzzword a few years ago but today, it is going mainstream. As a result, companies are beginning to take up space in the cryptocurrency industry. Amazon and Starbucks are trailblazing the entry of corporates to the cryptocurrency market – if their recent announcement to create their own virtual currencies and integrate blockchain in […]

What Crypto-Related Decisions by Amazon and Starbucks Really Mean for the Industry

By David Drake Cryptocurrencies are rapidly becoming irresistible in different sectors across the globe. This is despite the many challenges facing the cryptocurrency market that include high volatility, security risks and government regulation. Experts are optimistic that these challenges are typical of any new technology or payment system that is potentially posed to revolutionize finance and business ecosystems. For players […]