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Why the Crackdown on Exchanges Is Good for the Cryptocurrency Industry

by David Drake Regulators in different parts of the world have turned their attention to cryptocurrency exchanges. In Japan, the financial regulator, the Financial Services Authority (FSA), recently suspended operations in two crypto exchanges for a 30-day period. The agency also issued orders to five other digital exchanges, requiring them to improve their business operation systems. The five exchanges included […]

What Effects will Ad Bans by Tech Giants have on the Crypto Industry?

by David Drake SkyNews has recently reported that Twitter plans to ban adverts that are related to cryptocurrencies on its platform. This comes after similar were taken by Facebook in January. Google has also made public its intention to disallow all cryptocurrency-related adverts on is platform starting June this year. These actions by the giant tech companies are expected to reduce […]

Why Crypto Ad Bans will not Affect ICO Companies Significantly

by David Drake The crypto craze has become one of the biggest trends in the business sector in recent  years. It has grown from a buzzword to a bubble and is now going mainstream, which explains the many startups being established and existing businesses integrating cryptocurrency and blockchain in their business models. It is a revolution whose time has come, […]

Google, Twitter and Facebook Ad Ban: Is it Good for the Crypto Market in the Long Run?

by David Drake In a recent announcement, Google’s Sustainable Ads Director, Scott Spencer, said his company will be updating its policies on financial service-related advertising to disallow adverts related to cryptocurrency content. Soon after Google made public its decision to ban crypto-related adverts, another giant social networking platform, Twitter, announced its intention to disallow such adverts in less than a […]

What are the Pros and Cons of Crypto Ad Bans by Google and Twitter?

by David Drake The cryptocurrency industry is slowly becoming a booming ecosystem that has started to go mainstream. Recently, two multinational companies indicated their intention to incorporate blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in their business models. This is an affirmation that cryptocurrencies are here to stay despite the fact that security and regulation concerns exists. But the gains realized in the […]

Comply or Move Out: Regulators’ Strong Message to Crypto Exchanges

by David Drake The Japanese government has made major strides towards the acceptance of cryptocurrency. Japan is among the countries that recognize Bitcoin as legal tender with over 30% of world Bitcon dealings being conducted in Yen. With this kind of positive outlook, Japan is poised to become a cryptocurrency capital in Asia, and even the world over. Despite the […]

The Real Reason Why the UK Government wants to Understand Cryptos Better

by David Drake On the 22nd of February, the Treasury Committee in the UK Parliament set up an inquiry into the benefits and risks posed by cryptocurrencies. This follows increased public investment in the unregulated sector which has seen companies make huge returns and losses. The UK Government offers no protection to cryptocurrency investors. Just a few weeks ago, players […]

Western Union Trials: Will it Push Ripple’s Value Up?

by David Drake According to Coinmarketcap, Ripple is currently the third largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $44.6 billion. Its  digital network for financial transactions has proven popular in the cryptocurrency market. This popularity has attracted several high-profile financial institutions and prompted them to pilot Ripple’s technology in the mainstream financial markets. On February 14, 2017, Western Union, the biggest […]

Why Governments Want to Introduce Rules in the CryptoMarket

by David Drake 2018 has seen regulators accelerate the pace of cryptocurrency rule-making and enforcement. Since the start of the year, countries across the board have begun to consider regulating cryptocurrency trading. This move was largely influenced by the high speculation in 2017 that saw Bitcoin hit its highest price of about $19,000. Beside the rapid price increments, Bitcoin also […]

What Factors Make Bitcoin Prices Highly Volatile?

By David Drake Though Bitcoin has quickly become the next best thing, it still has a lot to prove before it can cash into widespread acceptance and use. A superficial analysis of this cryptocurrency reveals high chances of making super profits for investors. While its potential as an alternative to centralized economies and devaluing local currencies makes it easily noticeable, […]