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With Crackdown on Exchanges, Is the Crypto Market Headed for Tougher Times?

by David Drake In an unprecedented move, the Japanese financial regulatory authority recently suspended operations in two crypto-trading platforms and issued business improvement orders for five other exchanges. This came after Coincheck lost an estimated $534 million in NEM currency. Coincheck is one of the leading crypto exchanges in Japan. But Japan is not the only country that is grappling […]

Top 3 Signs the Crypto-Market is Bouncing Back

by David Drake During the first quarter of 2018, the cryptomarket lost a little over 48% of its January 1 value. The market capitalization dropped from around $612 billion at the start of the year to $261 billion on March 31. Due to this drop, would-be investors who adopt a wait-and-see attitude and crypto critics may be quick to say […]

How the Fintech and Cryptocurrencies are Converging in the UK

by David Drake Days after Central Bank Governors and Finance Ministers of G-20 countries met last month, the UK Government launched its Fintech Sector Strategy. One of the strategies is to lay out the establishment of a new crypto-asset task force that will place the country “at the forefront of harnessing the potential benefits of the underlying technology, while guarding […]

How the UK is Solidifying Its Position as the Global Fintech Hub

by David Drake Cryptocurrency and its underlying technology, blockchain, has become irresistible. The technology is rapidly changing the way businesses transact and has been credited with improving transaction efficiency significantly. Last month, global economic leaders objectively acknowledged the great ability and potential benefits of integrating cryptocurrency and blockchain in business models during the G20 Summit held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. […]

How Rising Competition is Forcing Countries to Rethink their Fintech Strategies

by David Drake The UK government is now looking to make the country the most ideal place for businesses in the Fintech sector to flourish. To realize this, the country launched a strategy for the fintech sector last month. A key component of this new strategy is the setting up of a task force which comprises of representatives from the […]

What Ad Bans by Tech Companies Really Mean for the Cryptocurrency Industry

by David Drake The cryptocurrency industry is longer preferred by some investors, but the market is expanding rapidly and everyone is talking about it. Many new, as well as established companies are considering incorporating blockchain technology in their business models. This move is generating immense interest from different investors, leading to a rise in the number of online cryptocurrency ads. […]

Crypto Ad Bans: Will the Move Taken by Google, Twitter and Facebook Shift the Crypto Landscape?

by David Drake In 2017, Google removed more than 3.2 billion ads that violated their policies, which averaged about 100 bad ads per second. 320,000 publishers were removed from the Google ad network for violating publisher policies. At the same time, 700,000 mobile apps and nearly 90,000 websites were blacklisted. Google also removed 2 million pages for policy violations last year. This […]

How the Total Crypto Ad Ban Will Hinder Growth in the Virtual Currency Industry

by David Drake In January of this year, Facebook banned advertisements on cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings (ICOs) as well as binary options, as part of its efforts to prevent misleading information and practices. During the first half of March, Google announced that starting June 2018, it will ban all cryptocurrency-related advertisements on all of its sites. These include initial […]

How Will the Crypto Ad Bans by Twitter and Google Shape the Future of Cryptocurrency?

by David Drake Many cryptocurrency experts were not surprised when Twitter and Google announced that they will be banning all crypto-related ads starting June 2018. Earlier this year,  social media giant, such as Facebook made a similar announcement. This plan, according to the tech giants , is intended to crackdown on crypto scams. Regulators in countries like the U.S., China, Japan and […]

Will Other Countries Adopt UK’s Approach of Developing Strategy for the Fintech Sector?

by David Drake The UK has recently been making strides in the cryptocurrency market. Earlier in the year, the UK treasury committee launched an enquiry into cryptocurrencies to determine how they would impact businesses and investors. In another significant move, the UK government developed its Fintech Sector Strategy (FSS) that factors crypto-assets and launched it on March 22, 2018. As […]