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How Baby Boomers Diversify their investments in Real Estate Crowdfunding

by David Drake Each day in the United States, an estimated 10,000 baby boomers retire. With a population placed at 78 million, the boomer generation, representing those born after World War II (between 1946 and 1964) currently control 70% of the household wealth in the U.S. according to Brian Sozzi of the Belus Capital Advisors. It has also been predicted […]

Top 10 Hotels for Hedge funds and Visual Experiences

by David Drake Where  can a hedge fund investor retreat to relax from the hustle and bustle?  The traveling ballerina has done the journey globally to guide you.  Through her journey to luxury hotels around the world,  the former Chinese ballerina Jingjing searched for the best of the best in life and visual experiences.  As a former PriceWaterhouseCooper banker,  we […]

Why 15 Venture Capital firms are playing the Real Estate Crowdfunding game

by David Drake Three years since  crowdfunding for real estate started, the market has grown to more than a billion dollar industry. By 2025, the global real estate market could be worth $90 billion or more. This is getting the attention of VCs. VC activity in the space can be measured by their investments on real estate crowdfunding platforms. VC’s […]

5 Industries that 3D Printing Disrupts most

by David Drake Have you found a technology that cuts across almost  all sectors – transportation,  education, pharmaceuticals, food, medicine, biotechnology, manufacturing, security and more?  Surprisingly, two printing technologies – 3D and 4D  – do intersect with different industries. With 3D printing, you can manufacture a car, construct a house, make packaging materials, design and craft jewelries and objects, prepare […]

Luxembourg takes a Bold Step towards Legislating Space Mining

by David Drake Space mining, a concept that was only heard of in science fiction, is now a little bit closer to reality thanks to a new initiative by Luxembourg. The tiny European country has a population of almost 600,000 and is roughly the size of Rhode Island. Yet Luxembourg has one of the highest per capita incomes, and it’s […]

20 Powerful Quotes from Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs

by David Drake Compared to an all-male ensemble, which gets funded by Venture Capital firms 4 times more than teams led or composed of at least 1 female, startups founded by women only receive 8% of the VC funding pie. A CB Insights study revealed that when women become partners in a VC firm, funding for women-led firms hiked significantly […]

What no one tells you about the $3.3 trillion market for Alternative Finance

by David Drake Alternative finance is a collaborative funding model that represents the newest phenomenon in funding. With more than 1250 online crowdfunding platforms, alternative financing is breaking new ground, defying conventional financing methods with respect to how businesses raise capital, and taking the world by storm. Though primarily popular for Peer-to-Peer lending and crowdfunding, critical investment banking functions such […]

10 Top Women in Family Offices & Wealth Management That Will Motivate You globally

by David Drake   There is no doubt that women have the power to revitalize economic growth, but this power has yet to be fully optimized. The reason for this could be several factors, among them are: how difficult it can be to access capital, a lack of motivation due to wage difference between them and their male counterparts, and […]

Why VCs are gearing towards online investing

  By David Drake The rewards of a prosperous investment can be easily spoiled by a number of factors. So, prior to funding a certain project, venture capitalists spend a certain amount of time appraising the available proposals, as well as looking for key ingredient for success. They consider several decisive agents, such as management, the size of the market […]

The Many Faces of Life Insurance

By David Drake Many people in the world recognize the importance of having insurance. Today, insurance is not only a way of providing security in times of uncertainties, but it can also be a mode of investment. Life insurance, one form of insurance,  has become more and more popular over the last two decades, due to its savings and investment […]