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Can Introduction of Crypto Regulations Advance US Crypto Market?

  By David Drake   The cryptomarket has been experiencing high volatility in recent months. It has also been prone to risks such as scams, fraud, cyber attacks and price manipulation – mostly targeted towards crypto exchanges. Previously, government agencies have explored ways to identify risks related to cryptocurrency use in illegal activities. At the beginning of 2018, New York […]

US Congressmen Introduce Bipartisan Bills to Eliminate Crypto Price Manipulation

  By David Drake   The need for closer scrutiny of cryptocurrencies, in the face of a strict regulatory environment in the US, has seen Congress develop a contingent solution. In the early days of December, 2018, two members of the US Congress introduced a bipartisan bill proposing elimination of crypto price manipulations. The ability to set and affect pricing […]

How Proposed US Crypto Regulation Could Tackle Market Manipulation

  By David Drake   In an ideal situation, markets need to be competitive where there are many buyers and sellers so that no single player can dictate or influence prices. This helps in creating public confidence, resulting to increased trade and efficiency in transactions. But this is not always the case. Due to the urge to make super profits, […]

What is Potential of the African Cryptocurrency Market?

  By David Drake   As the interest in blockchain grows around the world, Africa as a continent is progressively embracing cryptocurrencies in various sectors. Just recently, Binance Exchange, a facilitator of crypto transactions, began operations in Uganda. This move came as a surprise to many in the crypto industry, and has since generated the interest of among other exchanges. […]

What Caused the Recent Sharp Decline of Crypto Market Capitalization?

  By David Drake   The cryptocurrency market by its nature is unpredictable and has recently experienced a major downfall. By close of 2017, the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum rose to the highest point with Bitcoin reaching a high of almost $20,000. This high value of Bitcoin caused some countries to introduce cryptocurrency regulations to curb speculation in the […]

How HTC’s Blockchain-based Phone Excludes Non-Crypto Holders

  By David Drake   The recent IMF report that showcased the various other ways blockchain technology can be used has inspired the mobile technology industry which has led to the HTC launching of the Exodus 1 Model smartphone late in October 2018, which comes equipped with its own crypto-safe feature. There is, however, one major drawback – this phone […]

The Real Reason Behind the Crypto Market Nosedive

  By David Drake   Despite aggressive predictions by financial pundits on the expected turnaround of digital coins, the cryptocurrency market hit a major road bump last month when its market capitalization fell by $42 billion. For the first time since inception, this drop landed the already crippling digital market capitalization below the $200 billion mark. At the beginning of […]

What are Most Possible Causes for the Recent Crypto Market Crash?

  By David Drake   The cryptocurrency industry has just had a major setback in its efforts to regain the highs witnessed by the market in 2017. This is after it experienced one of the biggest market crashes in recent times that saw bitcoin price plummet below the $4000 mark. The crypto market crash was so intense to the extent […]

How London-based Exchange is Tapping Africa’s Cryptocurrency Potential

  By David Drake   Binance has triggered competition on the African continent and Luno, a London-based cryptocurrency platform, is taking up the challenge. Luno announced plans to expand its operations to Uganda just weeks after Binance launched operations in the East African country. Marius Reitz, head of Luno’s South African division promises an aggressive strategy that will target 18 […]

Why Africa is Rife for Blockchain Technology

  By David Drake   Active public awareness efforts to make people understand the benefits of blockchain technology and the value in cryptocurrencies seem to be bearing fruit in recent years. This is evidenced by the increasing public interest in the space as well as how governments seem to be engaging with industry stakeholders to create enabling environments in their […]