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How Philippines is Establishing Itself as Asia’s Crypto Hub

  By David Drake   Philippines’ Union Bank has become the first bank to partner with the central bank of a country to launch a two-way cryptocurrency ATM machine. Users of this ATM will be able to sell and purchase digital assets by converting local fiat currency, the Peso, to bitcoins. The first bitcoin ATM machine was launched in 2015. […]

How Collaboration towards Crypto Regulation is Working in the Philippines

  By David Drake   There are over 4,450 cryptocurrency ATMs installed globally, which represents a 62% growth over a period of one year.  A recent Crypto ATM Market report projects that in the next five years, an exponential annual growth rate of at least 46% will be experienced in the industry. Further, the report projects an investment of $183 […]

The Real Reason Behind Bitcoin’s Less than $4000 Price

  By David Drake   In November 2018, Bitcoin traded below the $4000 mark for the first time despite optimistic predictions that the market would experience an upsurge by December. Trading at $3600 on December 30, the price of this leading cryptocurrency is remarkably close to the lowest it has ever traded since October, 2017. Market values have improved since […]

Why Philippines Progressive Developments Could Strengthen Asia’s Cryptocurrency Dominance

  By David Drake   Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are common and vital in today’s financial world. They ease access to funds for users so they don’t have to physically visit bank premises. Similarly, cryptocurrency ATMs are important in the cryptocurrency industry. To foster global adoption to happen, cryptocurrency ATMs need to be installed in urban centers. Already, it is […]

How Will 2-Way ATMs Escalate Growth of Asia’s Crypto Industry?

  By David Drake   The financial industry around the globe has been at the forefront of cryptocurrency adoption. Continued acceptance of digital currencies by financial institutions in different countries is seen to further propel the growth of the crypto industry. One country that is demonstrating positive response to cryptos is the Philippines. This Philippines has welcomed developments in this […]

How Western Union Could Inspire Mass Crypto Adoption in 2019

  By David Drake   The international money transfer has continuously been a growing industry since it first entered the market in the 19th century. The wire transfers are significantly faster compared to traditional banking methods and are available in most geographical locations around the world, making it possible for customers to send money in hundreds of currencies. With the […]

Western Union Ready to Support Customers’ Crypto Adoption

  By David Drake   For over a hundred years, the global money transfer landscape has radically evolved from localized payments, that were the preserve of banks, to the emergence of numerous money transfer companies. One of the world’s leading money transfer company, Western Union, has managed to keep up with the changing financial landscape. It has established itself as […]

Western Union Ready for Cryptos: How will this Impact Uptake of Digital Assets?

  By David Drake   Western Union, the global money transfer leader says it is ready for digital currencies. The company is not entirely new to cryptocurrencies as it has been testing Ripple, an international technology payment for months. In a recent announcement, the company indicated that it is equipped to incorporate digital currencies, as it views them like any […]

Why Western Union is All Set to Include Cryptos in its Services

  By David Drake   Western Union,  the global funds remittance giant is considering going paperless this year. In an interview with Reuters Plus, Odilon Almeida, Western Union President, said the company has been exploring ways to include cryptocurrencies in its services. The global funds transfer giant has also considered employing blockchain technology in its operations as a way of […]

Crypto vs Institutional Investors: What Issues Must Industry Players and Governments Address?

  By David Drake   Cryptocurrencies have captured the attention of a growing number of companies and institutions. The Dutch audit firm, KPMG, is among the latest firms to focus on cryptocurrencies. As one of the leading four global audit firms, KPMG launched a report that clearly shows digital assets are worth considering, but insist that institutionalization is key to […]