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Draft Regulations: Is India on the Path to Creating a Conducive Environment for Cryptos?

  By David Drake   Recent media reports show that the Indian government is already preparing regulations for the cryptocurrency industry. India has made headlines this year as one of the countries that has been hostile to the industry, outright banning the trading of digital assets within its borders. Just this past month, the country’s ministry of finance put together […]

Will India Survive the Ban of Cryptocurrencies?

  By David Drake   Despite the many ups and downs, the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow. In some countries, the regulatory environment supports the growth of these digital assets but in others like India and China, cryptocurrency trading is completely prohibited. India’s cryptocurrency industry has especially experienced turmoil this year after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) placed restrictions […]

How Grey Crypto Regulation in India will Affect the Industry Growth

  By David Drake   India has been among countries that have contributed to technological advancements, either as a developer or as a market. The Information Technology (IT) sector contributed 7.7% of its gross domestic product in the 2017 fiscal year, and there has been hope that the industry will continue to grow by being at the forefront of technological […]

Crypto Ban in India Leads to Arrest of Exchange Founders

  By David Drake   While the world forges ahead and tries to secure regulatory support for cryptocurrencies, India sinks in its heels and stands firm on its decision to ban the digital coins. Debjani Ghosh, head of the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), has piggybacked on the Reserve Bank of India’s stance that cryptocurrencies are illegal […]