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How Countries could Propagate Global Blockchain Adoption

  By David Drake   Impact investing is increasingly being embraced by companies across the world. This investing model is proving worthwhile because it gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to develop solutions to real problems in their society in a sustainable way while generating financial returns. Blockchain technology could prove to be a crucial tool in the impact investing model. The […]

Can Blockchain Supported Projects Boost Crypto Industry Growth?

  By David Drake   Blockchain has been adopted in various ways around the globe. For example, Latin America has positioned itself as a territory with extensive interest in blockchain technology. In this region, various sectors see blockchain as having the potential to propel economic growth, transparency and financial development. Already, Brazil is using blockchain to reduce corruption and facilitate […]

Argentina Pledges to Match $50,000 for Binance Labs Projects

  By David Drake   Binance Labs has gotten a major endorsement from the Argentinian government when the Ministry of Production and Labor decided to co-invest in 40 of its blockchain-related projects. The government has agreed to match up to $50,000 for each project financed by Binance Labs for a maximum of 10 projects per year over four years. The […]

How Blockchain Can Make it Easier for the Gaming Industry to Level-Up

  By David Drake   If blockchain was ever going to disrupt any industry, it would be gaming. Populated by technology whiz-kids and millennials, blockchain will only add further appeal to an arena that’s already appreciative of innovation. The entire spectrum of gaming is conducted by online communities. Already, mega-games require the use of digital coins. These are often bought […]

Will Blockchain Alter the Global Gaming Industry?

  By David Drake   Gaming is emerging as one of the most attractive industries for blockchain application. Just this week, Ripple, a cryptocurrency company, announced that it is launching an ambitious project that will see blockchain technology integrated in video games. In what appears to be an impact investing model, Ripple has announced that it is setting up a […]

Will Innovative Gaming Solutions Integrate Distributed Ledger Technology?

  By David Drake   Gaming is one of the industries that has experienced steady growth over the years. In 2018, the industry generated about $134.9 billion in revenue, an increase of over 10% of 2017 revenue. In the US market, the total revenue from this market was estimated to be about $43.5 billion, with software purchases accounting for 82.4% […]

Will the Gaming Industry be the Next Big Frontier for Blockchain Adoption?

  By David Drake   Initially designed to power bitcoin, blockchain technology has spawned a wide range of uses hitherto not conceivable to many. Today, the technology has found application in almost all aspects of our daily lives, from healthcare, shipping, finance, to education, entertainment and much more, to earn the term ‘the Internet of Value’. Beyond these sectors, the […]

Will the Gaming Industry be the Game Changer in Blockchain Adoption?

  By David Drake   Adoption of blockchain technology has been rising gradually in different sectors. Beyond the financial sector, several companies in the logistics, shipping, legal and manufacturing sector have started applying the technology to develop innovative solutions to problems they face. But it is the gaming industry that has recently emerged as a strong blockchain adopter. Increasingly, gaming […]

Blockchain Scalability: Why there is Need for Financial Institutions to be Patient

  by David Drake     The emergence of blockchain technology has brought hope for faster, more secure and more affordable transactions for entities across sectors. Since its invention, the technology has become a basis for innovating solutions to address pressing problems in conventional systems due to its ability of increasing transparency. Blockchain-based projects include platforms such as IOU, designed to […]

Can Conflicting Interests Reduce Blockchain Adoption in the Finance Industry

  by David Drake     The status of services in the banking sector is characterized by time lags and high transaction costs. For these reasons, blockchain has been hailed as a revolutionary technology due to its ability to reduce transaction costs and increase the effectiveness of cross-border transactions. But big banks are now beginning to question the ability of blockchain […]