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The Real Reason Blockchain Is Not Ready for Mass Scaling

  by David Drake     Blockchain has proven to be disruptive technology with capabilities previously not imagined.  It offers comparative advantages of transparency, speed and efficiency over other existing payment networks. These advantages have propelled blockchain to the top with developers, investors and corporates scrambling for a piece of the pie. Over the last 18 months, numerous projects have been […]

Key Issues Hindering Blockchain’s Mass Adoption

                  By David Drake   Since its inception, blockchain has experienced significant growth with tests and trials being conducted in different sectors. Its popularity has been based on its ability to provide  transparency, security and transaction tracking solutions. However, despite the increased popularity of blockchain benefits, mass adoption of the technology remains […]

Why Blockchain Technology is Not Ideal for Commodity Trading

                  By David Drake   Blockchain has been hailed as the technology that could alter the way businesses run across the globe. Its potential has attracted developers across different sectors and encouraged development of solutions to problems such as portfolio optimization by LiveTradr, digital coupon marketplace for Qupon, security of social interactions […]

What is Hindering Blockchain Adoption in the Commodity Market?

  by David Drake     Blockchain has largely been seen as the technology that solves inefficiencies in businesses, reduces the risk of fraud and improves transparency. As such, commodity banks and companies have been tapping into the distributed ledger technology and piloting trials over the last 2 years. Blockchain utilizes a distributed database that is able to process transactions and […]

Critical Challenges that Hinder Mass Adoption of Blockchain in Commodity Trading

  By David Drake   Blockchain is slowly changing the business world and its invention has seen numerous tech ideas being developed on the technology. In the marketing world, blockchain-backed solutions such as IOU in monitoring customer satisfaction in the e-commerce space, Noiz Chain in interactive marketing and Qupon in digital coupon advertising, are changing the way businesses market. In the social media space, ideas such […]