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How Countries could Propagate Global Blockchain Adoption

  By David Drake   Impact investing is increasingly being embraced by companies across the world. This investing model is proving worthwhile because it gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to develop solutions to real problems in their society in a sustainable way while generating financial returns. Blockchain technology could prove to be a crucial tool in the impact investing model. The […]

Can Blockchain Supported Projects Boost Crypto Industry Growth?

  By David Drake   Blockchain has been adopted in various ways around the globe. For example, Latin America has positioned itself as a territory with extensive interest in blockchain technology. In this region, various sectors see blockchain as having the potential to propel economic growth, transparency and financial development. Already, Brazil is using blockchain to reduce corruption and facilitate […]

Argentina Pledges to Match $50,000 for Binance Labs Projects

  By David Drake   Binance Labs has gotten a major endorsement from the Argentinian government when the Ministry of Production and Labor decided to co-invest in 40 of its blockchain-related projects. The government has agreed to match up to $50,000 for each project financed by Binance Labs for a maximum of 10 projects per year over four years. The […]