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How Amazon and Walmart will Spearhead Blockchain Revolution

by David Drake The popularity of blockchain is growing rapidly across sectors. In the process, this growth is creating numerous investment opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Recently, we have witnessed several corporates integrate blockchain and cryptocurrency into their business models. Today, initial coin offerings (ICOs) have become a preferred way of raising capital compared to one year ago. Going […]

Amazon-Walmart Developments: Are we Likely to Experience a Blockchain Revolution?

  by David Drake   Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies, has been hailed for its ability to increase efficiency in businesses. Recently, Walmart announced plans to use the technology after successfully piloting it in partnership with International Business Machines (IBM) corporation. According to Frank Yiannas, Walmart’s Vice President of Food Safety and Health, blockchain application reduced the time taken to […]

Why Corporate Adoption of Blockchain is Not Entirely New, but Largely Anticipated

by David Drake The number of corporates that are integrating blockchain technology in their business system has been on the rise lately. Just last month, Walmart, one of the largest retail stores in the US, is now using blockchain to manage its food business. The company is now adding food suppliers on its blockchain-powered system to cut down on waste, […]

How Amazon is Making Blockchain Technology Accessible to Customers

by David Drake The initial idea behind the development of blockchain technology was to give Bitcoin an accounting backbone for its transactions.  Through the use of distributed ledgers, it was anticipated that cryptocurrency platforms will be able to process digital transaction with the utmost security, free from a centralized financial system. However, with time, this technology has proven applicability in […]

What does Amazon and Starbucks Developments Mean for Cryptocurrency Market?

  By David Drake   According to statista, Amazon and Starbucks reported net sales of $178 billion and $ 2.88 billion respectively in 2017, evidently, these two companies are major players with  global presence. Recently, both Amazon and Starbucks have showed intention to use blockchain technology and/or virtual currency in their systems. Amazon hinted at this move through a survey […]

The Real Reason Amazon and Starbucks are Eyeing Cryptocurrency

  By David Drake   Seattle-based corporates, Starbucks and Amazon, could become the first Fortune 500 companies to develop their own cryptocurrencies. Based on last week’s media reports, the two companies are likely to implement their blockchain and cryptocurrency strategies this year. Starbucks is keen on powering its integrated app with blockchain technology. During a Fox Business interview, Starbucks Executive Chairman, Howard […]

Will Amazon and Starbucks’ Integration of Cryptocurrency Increase their Popularity?

  By David Drake   Last year marked a milestone in the cryptocurrency industry  as Amazon and Starbucks, two of the largest companies worldwide, made steps to incorporate either blockchain technology or digital currencies into their business models. In a market that’s already highly speculative, and governments are making strides to create their own national currencies for myriad reasons, the […]