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Shifting Investment Priorities of High Net Worth Individuals

By David Drake The lackluster performance of major markets and the depressing outlook in the Eurozone and North America have made high net worth individuals (HNWIs) and their families rethink their investment strategies and priorities.   To counter the dip in traditional investment performance, those managing assets for HNWIs have looked to diversify their assets.  As a result, there is […]

Fashion and Bitcoins – Will Matthew Mellon II shape the future of the online currency?

By David Drake   In late 2014 we observed a truly unique phenomenon – the rise of bitcoins. It seems as if overnight the Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC) skyrocketed its influence in the world of monetary assets. Matthew Taylor Mellon II was chosen to be the executive chairman of the committee and is expected to shape the future of […]

Private Equity: Real Returns, Real Risks

Private equity has quickly become a global industry.  In the past three decades, private equity has accounted for $2.6 trillion in total assets from all sectors and almost all regions of the world.   Private equity’s growth in both size and returns has attracted the interest of many new players, including family offices that represent high net worth individuals and […]

Brazil/Cayman Hedge Fund Co-Op: BTG Pactual

In the first merger of a licensed hedge fund using the recently-enacted Companies (Amendment) Law 2011 of the Cayman Islands, a merger between BTG Pactual Banking Limited into BTG Pactual S.A., gives BTG Pactual S.A., a Brazil domicile, even though the banking operations are now conducted through a Cayman branch of the same company. “The ability of our client to […]

Robert Heim, a partner at Meyers & Heim LLP Says Rajaratnam Case Wake-Up Call for Hedge Funds

Lee Hennessee, Charles Gradante: April Hedge Fund Commentary

Lee Hennessee, Managing Principal of Hennessee Group “Hedge funds are underperforming for the year as the investment environment remains challenging for alpha generation. While managers generated gains in long portfolios as equity markets continued to rally, shorting continues to work against hedge fund managers, detracting from performance.” Charles Gradante, Co-Founder of Hennessee Group “Over the past couple months, the markets […]

Endowments and Foundations are back and better than ever as active allocators to hedge funds

By Don Steinbrugge, Chairman at Agecroft Partners Large Endowments and Foundations were early adopters of hedge funds in their portfolios with many allocating approximately 50% of their asset allocation. However, in the two years following the financial markets meltdown, these same investors stayed primarily on the sidelines for new hedge fund allocations. Over the past 6 months, Agecroft Partners has […]