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4 No-nonsense Bidders Compete for Miami’s Prime Property

Miami Dade College parking lot Photo credit: mdc.edu After shelving the development of its 520 Biscayne Property in downtown Miami for 10 years, Miami Dade College (MDC) called for a mixed use development bid late 2015. The College is looking to get into a public private partnership to develop a 2.6 acre parcel of land that is currently serving as […]

Re-think Your Marketing

Being a marketer, I read a lot about marketing. There is no central source of information. I wander the ethos and engage when something catches my eye.   There are plenty of people commenting on what to do, new techniques, new ideas, etc. Here I simply share my perspective on some things. Ideally something will trigger and push you in […]

Why Does The Majority Of Capital Go To The Big Funds… An Interesting Perspective?

One can’t dispute that the majority of capital flows into the big funds, the Blackstone’s, Carlyle’s, Bridgewater’s of the world, etc. We all know why, don’t we? Well here’s an entirely different perspective. It simply relates to a breakdown in communication. Society has changed how it receives and processes information.  Regardless of whether you are a teenager or a CIO, […]

Think Your Firm Is Marketing Effectively? Take This Quiz

Q1: My company doesn’t have a blog. Seriously, who needs a blog… [YES/NO] Q2: I’m guilty of “social media abuse”. I started a LinkedIn page and am tweeting several times per week, but don’t really have a strategy around that. Sometimes, I find myself forcing myself to push out information multiple times per week. [YES/NO] Q3: Every quarter I send […]

Facebook IPO – Live Blog

Happy Friday. As in many of the large tech IPOs, many of us tend to spend most of the day keeping up with the news as it breaks.  To help us all keep up with it, I will be running a live blog and posting updates as they break. Enjoy! Facebook opens at $42 as a 13% pop! Will BONO […]