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10 Common Mistakes That Make Smart Investment Managers Look Naive – Part I

If managers are so bent on being perceived as “contrarian,” why do they insist on communicating their message in such conformist ways? How do you think Apple would look like today if Steve Wozniak ran oversaw marketing instead of Steve Jobs? What do you think would happen to Crest toothpaste sales if Procter & Gamble decided to turn product branding […]

What Hackers Can Do With Your Firm’s Data

There’s a lot hackers can do to wreak havoc for private equity and other investment firms – and it extends far beyond forcing users to change their passwords. In fact, with their roguish hands on the right information, the consequences can be downright destructive for a firm’s business operations and integrity. Systems & Network Access  Of course, with stolen passwords […]

Guards Up, Phones Down: Avoiding Voice Phishing Scams and Social Engineering Tricks

Social engineering tools and tactics have transformed in recent years, and we often stress here on Hedge IT the importance of IT security, particularly when it comes to sophisticated phishing and spear-phishing campaigns via email. One tactic we haven’t touched on is voice phishing (also known as ‘vishing’), which works towards the same ultimate goal – prompting an end user to […]

WannaCry Ransomware: What we know, Where we are

The WannaCry ransomware attack is slowing as IT teams across the globe work to deploy patches, disable SMBv1 and recover files, but we are still very much in the midst of the situation. Here’s a look at what we know and what we can do in an effort to prevent future attacks. What is the WannaCry Ransomware? On May 12, 2017, […]

United Airlines: A Lesson For Alternatives Managers

Anyone who’s read the news in the past month will be familiar with the incident involving a United Airlines passenger being dragged off an airplane. This incident caused all kinds of bad press for United Airlines, with negative perceptions of its corporate reputation increasing to 500% according to new research from The Harris Poll. The end of the road for […]

Anatomy of a Real Estate Crowdfunding Transaction

by David Drake Crowdfunding has now grown from a niche to a legitimate platform for funding projects of all kinds by raising money from the public at large. Nowhere has this been more pronounced than the real estate sector where there are now a number of crowdfunding platforms offering investors the chance to participate directly in real estate projects. Traditionally, […]

What is Your Security Attitude? Hedge Funds + Private Equity Firms Take Note

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years when it comes to cyber security, it’s that there’s a whole lot more to creating a secure investment firm than robust technology. Before identifying infrastructure components and implementing operational policies, a firm must first be clear on what its attitude is toward security. This attitude will filter through the company from the […]

The Physical Trap for Managers

“THE PHYSICAL TRAP??” Yes! We’re all susceptible to finding ourselves in a comfort zone and not wanting to move out of it (myself included!). We find ourselves stuck in the Physical Trap when we’ve made investments in old systems or equipment, and are hesitant to pursue fresher, more relevant investments. When we ask what technology managers use to manage their […]

It’s Not About Your Legitimacy, It’s About Time…

At the start of any sales process you are competing for time. It’s reached that point. Brain share is the most precious commodity of all. It doesn’t matter what you are selling. In most situations there are four to five immediate substitutes. If you can get the consumer to spend more “time” focused on you, there is greater likelihood they […]

Asset Managers Are Not Well-Rounded

  Are you going to make the roster of a NFL team if you aren’t quick? Will you make the NBA if you can’t play defense? Are you destined to play in the NHL if you can’t skate backwards? No, no and no.   To reach the upper echelon of sport you have to be well rounded. NFL offensive linemen […]