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Private Equity IT Priorities and CTO Role Explored in Eze Castle Integration 2016 Private Equity CTO Survey

At Eze Castle Integration we just published our 2016 Private Equity CTO Survey, which looks at four key areas: Business priorities, Cybersecurity, Outsourcing trends and the Evolution of the private equity CTO. Here are some of the top-line findings from the 101 person survey or download the full results HERE. Private Equity IT Business Priorities When asked to identify the top drivers […]

The First 5 Things To Think About When Marketing Your Fund

  If you’re thinking of launching a new fund, or already have one but aren’t doing any marketing around it, the following checklist has been pulled together for you from years of experience with working with managers across AUM sizes. Here are the first 5 things that you have to consider:   1. Name and Logo It may seem obvious, […]


16Nov16 by Pj de Marigny, DITMo Capital, Newport Beach, CA For those who consult in the private wealth area and for estate attorneys (some who have turned advisor for the huge insurance commissions), egregious tax loopholes for the global wealthy is the most profitable part of financial services. Consider that insurance products are tax-advantaged and commonly used in all sorts […]

The Absolute Best Time to Send Email

  Clients often ask us “When should I send out my email campaign in order to get the best open rate?” And our answer often generates quizzical looks (and sometimes icy stares): “You should send it when the recipients have the highest likelihood of opening it”. It’s a valid question – and we’re not trying to be cagey, or difficult […]

The Story of Skybridge Capital: Book Review

Skybridge Capital “HOtRH” Book Review and Background by Pj de Marigny, DITMo Capital, Newport Beach, CA (06Nov16) Fund of hedge funds (FoHFs) have had a hard time substantiating their existence. The value proposition benefits are: due diligence, dynamic manager allocation, liquidity/leverage, and perhaps, an equity kicker if the structure includes emerging managers. The costs for these potential benefits are: added […]

10 Top Women in Family Offices & Wealth Management That Will Motivate You globally

by David Drake   There is no doubt that women have the power to revitalize economic growth, but this power has yet to be fully optimized. The reason for this could be several factors, among them are: how difficult it can be to access capital, a lack of motivation due to wage difference between them and their male counterparts, and […]

The Formula For Generating Marketing Power

MARKETING POWER – THE ABILITY TO ACHIEVE THE DESIRED RESULTS YOU WANT THROUGH MARKETING.   There is a formula:   Relationships + Audience + Awareness + Technology = Marketing Power     RELATIONSHIPS   I recognize that relationships are hugely important, simply note that you very rarely accomplish all you want to accomplish leveraging relationships alone.  And I bet everyone […]

Will New Guidelines Bolster Family Offices? Or Become Their Kryptonite?

By David Drake In the past few years, several changes have been made in the family office regulatory environment. Family offices that were not registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2011 had to reassess their acquiescence with the latter’s regulations, which restricted family offices qualifying for exemption of the Registered Investment Advisors. The Final Rule 275.202 […]

DITMo: What Is Missing From The Presidential Economic Debate?

29Sep16 The candidates have released their economic plans and the expected results of their fiscal policies are the subject of great debate and analysis. The choice of which plan will produce growth finds its distinction in tax policy. One model is presented as pay-as-you-go redistribution; the other, a supply-side solution to spur growth using tax incentives. The focus is on […]

Want A Great Brand? Tell A Great Story!

  At Meyler Capital we are always thrilled when a brand story we create with one of our clients makes a notable change in the way a company perceives itself, and in turn, is perceived by others. There’s so much branding BS that goes on in the world, the idea of a simple brand story that can be shared and […]