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Investment Management Tip: Communication is Vital for Business Continuity

Investment managers need to learn a lot about business continuity planning. The SEC not only highlights the importance of being able to access critical systems and applications during a disruption, but also the priority of effective communication. In business continuity planning it is important to communicate with your employees before, during and after an incident. By doing so, you set […]

Five Simple Hacks to Make Your Hedge Fund Pitch Book More Impactful

We produce a fair amount of marketing collateral…and in the process have exposure to a lot of manager material. While one can argue whether or not a “right” or “wrong” approach exists to building a marketing deck, there is a compelling case to be made that there is definitely a “better” and “worse.” In conversations with allocators, the deck’s primary […]

Are You Stuck In A Rut?

Does it work? I don’t know. Can you measure it? Maybe. Maybe not. Doesn’t matter. If you don’t know, why are you still doing it? No idea, someone else before me was doing this so I just keep on doing the same thing. We often hear these answers when auditing clients’ capital raising infrastructure and processes. The answers above are […]

Marketing Motivation

Be something. Don’t walk into a room and use other people’s words. Find your own words. If nothing else, the day will be more interesting. If you do it consistently enough, a brand will emerge. More importantly it will be your own. Not some recycled version of another’s idea. But that means you need to be different. Which is scary. […]

Where Are Your Investor’s Eyes?

Control where they look and you’ll see results Nature has done her usual efficient job of aligning structure with function. In the animal kingdom that means the location of an animal’s eyes is very closely related to how it gets its food (and how it tries to avoid becoming someone else’s food). Monkeys, cats, hawks, dogs, people, and tigers have […]

Here’s Why Leveraging Brand Equity Can Help You Raise Capital

As a fund manager, your performance and your AUM are the most important things to you. Most will say that these are the only components that attract people to invest with you. But… There are thousands of funds in the US alone. Performance and AUM are still your lifeblood, no doubt. But in this competitive industry, it may not be […]

Five Points from SEC’s 2016 Business Continuity Guidance Update

        In June 2016, the SEC delivered a guidance update for registered advisers regarding how funds (and their service providers) plan for potential business disruptions. Following are key takeaways from Eze Castle Integration’s Certified BCP Planners on how hedge funds and private equity firms can meet the SEC’s expectations around business continuity practices. Capture All Essential Components of […]

Don’t Be “Institutional”. Be Professional, Credible and Inspiring Instead.

A controversial title, perhaps, but the industry has gone too far confusing “institutional” with “uninteresting.” Having spent years building marketing materials for the alternative investment industry, as far as I can tell being “institutional” means that you dilute your message to the point where you are uninspiring, that you mirror the language of your competitors, avoid anything with aesthetic appeal, […]

Self-Discovery Marketing … It Is A Thing. Soon It Will Be The Only Thing.

What do you do when you want to validate information? One word: Google. This tendency has become so prevalent that it has given rise to an entirely new form of marketing, aptly titled self-discovery marketing. This form of marketing has evolved out of the endless access people have to information. Buying a car … online research. Buying a house … […]

Building Relationships Smarter: How Computer Science is Changing the Capital Raising World

Growing up a millennial I always felt like I had an acute understanding of the power of the computer and its potential use for me and as an extension, society. As I got older I watched the computer revolutionize industry after industry but marketing and capital raising has failed to embrace this trend. So when I learned how to code […]