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Does My Pitchbook Look Something Like This?

Take a step back in time, and a look at a magazine advertisement from the 1970s: This is not a journalistic review about a new Polaroid camera, and it’s not a magazine about photography. This is a real, 2-page advertisement about Polaroid that contains paragraph after paragraph. Text, text, text, and more text. These 2 pages have even more words […]

Eat, Sleep, Market Your Fund, Repeat

There’s no magic button to hit to learn how to ride a bike, drive a car, or play a new sport. No one becomes ‘good’ at their first attempt. Discipline and consistency are the keys to success in the honing of these new skills. In building Brand Awareness, discipline and consistency (and of course – good marketing) are often the […]

Anonymity, Hedge Funds and the Rise of “Brand”

  In the past Hedge Funds were mysterious, exotic things, whispered about in wood-paneled rooms. There was something stately about them, almost noble, their workings only understood by a select few. They numbered in the dozens. If you weren’t close enough to the situation to know about them, you didn’t have the chops to invest in them. Fast-forward three decades. A […]

Will More Corporates Adopt Blockchain Technology From Now On?

by David Drake Looking at the 2018 Bitcoin and Blockchain industry report released by Coindesk, one cannot help but notice that the crypto market has had a tremendous growth.  This does not in any way mean the market has not experienced its fair share of challenges, far from it. At the turn of the year, speculations over ‘Bitcoin Bubble’ saw […]

Tax Footprints: The Motivation Behind Governments’ Willingness to Embrace Cryptocurrencies

by David Drake European countries are calling for crypto regulations. In Germany, Joachim Wuermeling, member of the board of Germany’s Bundesbank, told Reuters that regulation of cryptocurrencies must be global because countries cannot contain transactions made by a virtual, borderless community at national levels. France finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, echoed sentiments made by the country’s President President when he asked the […]

Crypto Revolution: How Amazon and Starbucks Could Make it Happen

by David Drake Ever since global giants, Amazon and Starbucks, declared their interest in integrating blockchain in their finance models, rumors have been circulating as to just how they would make that happen. Amazon already hopped onto the crypto bandwagon when it signed a deal with R3 in December 2017 allowing it access to Corda platform. While there are no […]

The One Thing You Haven’t Accounted for Within Your Marketing Process

When people think about marketing, they think about emails, campaigns, websites, marketing decks, advertising, content, social networks, videos, events, and more.  Interestingly, no one includes “conversations” on this list. Why is that? Mainly because “talking” doesn’t feel like a “thing.” Because of this, people don’t think of “conversations” as part of a process.  As soon as you do, your perspective changes dramatically. […]

Why Governments Want to Introduce Rules in the CryptoMarket

by David Drake 2018 has seen regulators accelerate the pace of cryptocurrency rule-making and enforcement. Since the start of the year, countries across the board have begun to consider regulating cryptocurrency trading. This move was largely influenced by the high speculation in 2017 that saw Bitcoin hit its highest price of about $19,000. Beside the rapid price increments, Bitcoin also […]

Brand is Earned

We talk a lot about what it means to be a brand. Jeff Bezos likes to say: “Your brand is what people say about you when you aren’t in the room.” I would alter it slightly. I believe your brand is what people say about you right before you enter a room. If someone is going to express an opinion, […]

Fundraising Doesn’t Have to Waste So Much Time

Football fans are painfully aware that the amount of actual play time in a 3+ hour NFL game is roughly just 11 minutes, according to a (slightly dated) WSJ article. Put another way, it’s 2 hours and 49 minutes of watching something other than football. Anyone that has ever attempted to raise a fund likely has experienced something very similar. […]