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How Reduced Market Uncertainty is Boosting Institutional Capital in the Crypto Market

by David Drake Towards the end of 2017, the cryptocurrency market began experiencing a downward trend. This got worse in early 2018 as governments launched crackdowns with the aim of protecting investors. This and other factors caused the value of digital assets to drop by almost 50%. As we enter the second quarter of the year, things seem to be […]

Will More Corporates Adopt Blockchain Technology From Now On?

by David Drake Looking at the 2018 Bitcoin and Blockchain industry report released by Coindesk, one cannot help but notice that the crypto market has had a tremendous growth.  This does not in any way mean the market has not experienced its fair share of challenges, far from it. At the turn of the year, speculations over ‘Bitcoin Bubble’ saw […]

Tax Footprints: The Motivation Behind Governments’ Willingness to Embrace Cryptocurrencies

by David Drake European countries are calling for crypto regulations. In Germany, Joachim Wuermeling, member of the board of Germany’s Bundesbank, told Reuters that regulation of cryptocurrencies must be global because countries cannot contain transactions made by a virtual, borderless community at national levels. France finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, echoed sentiments made by the country’s President President when he asked the […]

Crypto Revolution: How Amazon and Starbucks Could Make it Happen

by David Drake Ever since global giants, Amazon and Starbucks, declared their interest in integrating blockchain in their finance models, rumors have been circulating as to just how they would make that happen. Amazon already hopped onto the crypto bandwagon when it signed a deal with R3 in December 2017 allowing it access to Corda platform. While there are no […]

Why Governments Want to Introduce Rules in the CryptoMarket

by David Drake 2018 has seen regulators accelerate the pace of cryptocurrency rule-making and enforcement. Since the start of the year, countries across the board have begun to consider regulating cryptocurrency trading. This move was largely influenced by the high speculation in 2017 that saw Bitcoin hit its highest price of about $19,000. Beside the rapid price increments, Bitcoin also […]

How Abu Dhabi is Increasing its Success with Crypto-Trading Regulation

By David Drake As the cryptocurrency industry grows, it’s becoming increasingly evident that regulation is necessary. Abu Dhabi has joined the growing number of countries across the globe that are focusing on creating frameworks for regulating cryptocurrency exchange. Just last month, South Korea introduced regulations banning anonymous trading while the US, France and Germany are advocating for discussions on cryptocurrency […]

9 Steps to Create an Information Security Plan (Webinar Replay)

In today’s changing regulatory and investor landscape, Information Security Plans are critical for hedge funds and investment management firms to comply with SEC regulations, due diligence requests and state laws. In our recent webinar, we had our in-house information security experts weigh in on Information Security Plans: what they are, why they are important, and the 9 steps your firm can […]

Why Ripple is Going Steady in a Highly Competitive Coin Market

by David Drake Ripple ranks fourth on the coin market after Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, with a market capitalization of $28 billion. Within the last one year, the price of Ripple’s digital currency, Ripple XRP has increased by about 4300% to reach $0.79, up from $0.01. At the time of writing this article, Ripple XRP was trading at $0.74 in the […]

How IOTA is Taking the Crypto Market by Storm

by David Drake At the time of writing this article, IOTA had a market capitalization of $14.4 billion and was the sixth largest cryptocurrency after Litecoin. As a cryptocurrency platform, IOTA provides secure payments and communications between machines on Internet of Things (IoTA) networks. Vincent Jacques, CEO of ChainTrade ICO says, “IOTA has a lot of things going for it. […]

How V Tokens by BLOCKv.io are facilitating the growth of the global digital economy

by David Drake Imagine how many businesses would be unlocked if every developer gets the building blocks he or she needs to contribute to the growing virtual economy. Developers of digital goods will soon be able to explore new ways of generating revenue by traversing real and virtual worlds and engaging end users fast. This will be possible on BLOCKv, […]