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Why Companies Get Subpoenaed and How to Avoid It

By Michael Hull Chief Editor, FamilyOffices.Today At least 80 individuals and companies involved in initial coin offerings (ICOs) have recently received subpoenas from the US financial regulator, the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC). This is the latest move by the SEC to rein in on ICOs that saw companies crowdsource upwards of $5 billion in 2017 alone. ICOs have become […]

Why Sound Legal Advice is Critical for Subpoenaed ICO Companies

By Michael Hull Chief Editor, FamilyOffices.Today Mid last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that the US regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), had sent out information requests and subpoenas to a number of tech companies involved in the multi-billion cryptocurrency market. According to the news website, the regulator is exploring ways to structure initial coin offerings (ICOs), which, to date, […]

The EU’s GDPR – What Does it Mean for U.S. Based Firms?

As the deadline to the GDPR steadily approaches, it is important to start preparing for the regulation if you haven’t already.  In case you aren’t aware, the EU took a major step to protect their citizens’ personal data and privacy rights by instating the EU Greater Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is scheduled to go into effect on May 25, […]

Will Regulations Encourage Best Practices in the Crypto Market?

by David Drake Cryptocurrency and its driving technology, blockchain, have generated a global experience more than anything else in modern history. Globally, regulators have started looking into ways to address the various challenges posed by cryptocurrencies, particularly those that bypass financial firms, exchanges, banks and clearinghouses that are already regulated. Since current cryptocurrency players mostly operate outside the traditional financial system, […]

Can Regulation Really Solve Insider Trading in the Cryptocurrency Space?

by David Drake Trading of Bitcoin Cash has already resumed on Coinbase following a halt provoked by a sudden price hike of the cryptocurrency four hours prior to its launch on the GNAX platform this past Tuesday. An estimated 11,591 Bitcoin Cash, valued at $39 million, were traded in the first 15 minutes after trading resumed. This happened amidst an […]

What is the Role of Ethical Standards in Curbing Cryptocurrency Insider Trading?

by David Drake The value of the cryptocurrency has dropped significantly since the launch of an internal probe by Coinbase. When trading resumed on Coinbase, Bitcoin Cash prices dropped by 10%. By Thursday, the cryptocurrency was trading at $3,627, down from a $9,500 price to which it had soared after launching on the GDAX platform on Tuesday. The digital currency […]

What Bitcoin Cash Incident on Coinbase Says about Regulation of Crypto Exchanges

by David Drake Coinbase, the leading US-based digital currency exchange, caught users by surprise when it included Bitcoin Cash in its offering this past Tuesday. However, the offering was not to last for long. Hours prior to the announcement, the price of Bitcoin Cash had surpassed the $8000 mark, more than double its price on other exchanges. Minutes later, Coinbase […]

The Importance of Employing Mobile Device Management Solutions

If your company employs any kind of Bring Your Own Device policy, it’s probably time to ramp up your Mobile Device Management (MDM). All companies should have some form of device management for their employees (e.g., password requirements, network stipulations), but that doesn’t mean they have enough protection. Why Does MDM Matter? MDM is a software solution that lets employers […]

Liar Liar

I have been lying to clients for years – and now I am coming clean. Hi. My name is JD…and I am a liar. These are my colleagues – and they are liars, too. They are just too ashamed to admit it. Man, it feels good to get that off my chest! If this were one of those “little white” […]

How to use Regulation A+ to raise up to $50 million capital

When the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the changes to Regulation A, it has generated lots of debate and discussion. The new rules on Regulation A+  took effect last  June 19th. The rules are expected to create a new category of quasi-IPO. This will enable companies to raise money from the public at less expense compared to a regular IPO.There […]