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Will Starbucks and Amazon Catalyze Blockchain Integration among Major League Companies?

by David Drake Looking at the 2018 Bitcoin and Blockchain industry report released by Coindesk, one cannot help but notice that the crypto market has had a tremendous growth.  This does not in any way mean the market has not experienced its fair share of challenges, far from it. At the turn of the year, speculations over ‘Bitcoin Bubble’ saw […]

Why US, Germany and France want G20 Countries to Discuss Crypto Regulations

by David Drake Steven Mnuchin, US Treasury Secretary, plans to raise the cryptocurrency regulation issue during the G20 summit next month in Argentina. While he doesn’t think cryptocurrencies could threaten financial market stability, Mnuchin says he’s concerned by the potential use of these currencies to launder money and other crimes. Mnuchin’s remarks come in the backdrop of CoinCheck’s hacking attack […]

How Starbucks and Amazon are Set to Change the Cryptocurrency Landscape

by David Drake Two major big-league companies, Amazon and Starbucks, have hinted that they will be incorporating cryptocoin and blockchain into their corporate operations. Starbucks Chairman, Howard Schultz, when interviewed by Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business, said that most possibly his company will use blockchain to power its integrated app. The coffee giant has been in the forefront in making innovations […]

Why Russia’s ICO-Hub System is Set to Improve Security of Investor Funds

by David Drake On February 19th of this year, Russia’s local media platform, Izvestia, reported that the country would test launch a system that will guarantee ICO investments this March. The system, ICO-Hub is a collaboration between Globex Bank, CrowdHub, the subsidiary bank of the state corporation VEB,  and the Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RACIB). RACIB will be recommending ICO-Hub to […]

Why 2 World Brands, Amazon and Starbucks, are Joining the Crypto Revolution

by David Drake Starbucks and Amazon took the media world by storm last week when hints of their possible usage of cryptocoin and blockchain broke out. Both companies are world brands in their respective industries and command a big following. The scope of Amazon is global. The company has millions of clients, including entrepreneurs, which helps in anchoring its  offerings. […]

Are SEC Subpoenas a Solution to US Crypto Operations?

By Michael Hull Chief Editor, FamilyOffices.Today Reports from CoinDesk indicate that 80 ICO firms in the US have received subpoenas from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The subpoenas originate from the SEC offices in New York, San Francisco and Boston. Some firms that have received subpoenas include TechCrunch and PlexCorps. According to Autonomous Next, over $5 billion was […]

How Different Cryptocurrencies are Competing to Dethrone Bitcoin

by David Drake Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly one of the most discussed markets of our time, currently standing at over $423 billion. This booming industry is living up to the hype, continuing to attract global attention over the past few years. Today, there are over 1,500 cryptocurrencies in the market that have recorded mixed performances. Since the inception of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin […]

Why SEC Subpoenas are a Sign of Ongoing Crypto Trading Regulation

By Michael Hull Chief Editor, FamilyOffices.Today Coin offerings have proven popular among companies that aim at crowdsourcing funds for blockchain-backed projects. According to icodata, about $6 billion was raised in 2017 through initial coin offerings (ICOs). This year, funds raised through ICOs is likely to be higher since as of March 4, 2018 companies in the cryptocurrency industry had already raised […]

How Compliance with the SEC and Clear Regulations Can Help ICOs Avoid Subpoenas

By Michael Hull Chief Editor, FamilyOffices.Today The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sent subpoenas to 80 ICO companies 5 days ago, including tZero and TechCrunch’s crypto fund. The action came after the SEC gave a stern warning to investors on possible ICO scams. In recent months, the regulator has issued a number of suspensions to companies suspected of unlawful token and coin trading. These actions are […]

Russia will test launch the first system guaranteeing ICO Investments

By David Drake Russia will become the first country to put together an ICO-Hub, a system to guarantee ICO investments. It is being developed by 4 stakeholders, namely Globex Bank, the subsidiary bank of the state corporation VEB, the Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RACIB) and CrowdHub.  News reports show that the ICO-HUB will have its test launch this March 2018. Once complete, […]