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Disaster Recovery Testing: Frequently Asked Questions

An often overlooked, but critical component of disaster recovery (DR) solutions is testing. If regular testing is a critical component of an effective DR solution, why do many firms fail to do so? The most common reasons include: a lack of time to commit to DR testing; a lack of understanding as to how to go about testing their solutions; and […]

Impact of Accepting or Declining Cookies

It’s likely that you’ve noticed a “Privacy and Cookie Policies” popup at the top or bottom of a web page while browsing the internet. You may even be mindlessly “Accepting” or “Declining” to give or deny the site permission to track your cookies without even thinking of the consequences. However, choosing to accept or decline a website’s cookies does impact […]

Standing Out: Critical Differentiators in Operational Due Diligence

During a recent event with EisnerAmper in New York City, we discussed Operational Due Diligence for investment management firms. We were lucky to be joined by Frank Napolitani from EisnerAmper, as well as ODD experts Maura Harris from Bostwick Capital and Beste Portnoff from Bessemer Trust. Steve Schoener from Eze Castle Integration covered cybersecurity and IT best practices and how it fits into […]

Recent Hacks on Crypto Exchanges Fuel Increased Government Intervention

by David Drake Japan has cracked down on two crypto exchanges and issued a warning to five others, after Coincheck lost over $500 million to hackers in late January. During the heist,hackers accessed hot wallets and made a series of transfers before they were eventually stopped. Japan was the first country to institute regulatory measures to govern cryptocurrencies in October […]

Why Crypto Exchanges Crypto Business Needs Stringent Regulations

by David Drake Regulation is one of the factors that has been linked to the unprecedented plunge of Bitcoin prices since December of last year. However, Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurrency by price and market cap, is expected to gradually bounce back. Growth in the cryptocurrency industry has largely been spontaneous, generating mixed reactions on its sustainability. By the end of […]

Regulators Crackdown on Crypto Exchanges in the U.S and Japan, What Can we Expect Next?

by David Drake Financial Services Agency (FSA) in Japan has suspended trading in two exchanges and issued orders to five other trading platforms to improve their system security. This move has come after a probe was launched into a $530 million heist on Coincheck’s crypto platform. In the U.S, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued warnings to cryptocurrency exchanges claiming […]

A Paradox: Regulations Foster Participation of Crypto Exchanges

by David Drake In August 2017, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States issued a warning to investors of possible ICO scams. This was followed by suspension of a number of companies for alleged unlawful coin and token trading. Early this month, the SEC issued subpoenas to 80 ICO firms companies, including tZero and TechCrunch’s crypto funds. Along the same line, the […]

Why there is Need to Boost Security in Cryptocurrency Exchanges

by David Drake Last week, Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) halted two cryptocurrency exchanges in the aftermath of a $530 million heist on Coincheck. FSA suspended operations of Bitstation for using client funds for personal transactions and FSHO, and for giving inadequate protection to its customers. In addition, Japan’s regulator sent out business improvement orders to five exchanges, including CoinCheck, requiring them […]

Government Regulations is the next move after Self-initiated Regulations by Cryptocurrency Companies

By David Drake Unhampered by regulations, the cryptocurrency industry has grown globally as seen in its  market cap of more than $480 billion, and the latest monthly market volume of $723 billion as of February 21st of this year. However, recent developments in the space like the latest cryptocurrency hacks in Japan, Italy, and South Korea, the stolen ICOs early investor funds, and the China ban on […]

Cryptocurrency Interest by Amazon Show that Mainstream Application is Possible

by David Drake In recent months, several companies have shown interest in digital currencies and blockchain technology. This is a reflection of the huge strides the cryptocurrency industry has made since its inception, and how corporates are beginning to appreciate their value. Just a fortnight ago, Amazon and Starbucks joined the growing list of companies that are exploring ways to […]