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Full Report On Hedge Fund Arrests – Allegations

The U.S. Department of Justice released the names of the eight defendants who were arrested yesterday, 5th Nov, 2009: 1. Zvi Goffer, who formerly worked at The Schottenfeld Group LLC (Schottenfeld), a broker dealer in New York, and currently operates a trading firm called Incremental Capital (Incremental), in New York; 2. Arthur Cutillo, an attorney at the law firm of […]

Jeffrey Brown, logi Energy, Comments on Five Stages in the Life Cycle of Net Oil Exporters

The production decline rates for six examples of declining net oil exporting countries were all in the single digit range, and all but one were less than 5%/year. Continue reading

Francesco Rusciano – a timeline of hedge fund fraud

Of all the hedge fund fraud cases, Francesco Rusciano & the Ponta Negra funds, is probably the least interesting, except for one thing: the proximity to VP Joe Biden through Paradigm Global. Based on the information that is freely available online I’ve put together the timeline leading up to Francesco Rusciano arrest. 1982: Born to Frank Louis Rusciano and Roberta Fiske–Rusciano 2003: Writes […]

Stanford linked to money laundering cartel?

James McCallum posts an interesting blog entry that claims links between Stanford and South American money laundering cartels, and details what it would mean for tax payers. From the article: The allegations that surfaced suggesting that Sanford (sic) Financial may be linked to money laundering for Latin American drug cartels through The Bank of Antigua and related banking enterprises in […]

Michael Lewis / David Einhorn article in NY Times

Michael Lewis and David Einhorn recently wrote a two part Op-Ed article in the NY Times titled “The End of the Financial World as We Know It” and “How to Repair a Broken Financial World.” In it they discuss the precarious position of the status of US financial markets as the bastion of high financial thinking in the global economy […]

Madoff Feeder Funds

Here’s a list of madoff feeder funds, and the amount of money was reported lost Fairfield Sentry Ltd ($7.3 billion)(1)(2) Rye Select Broad Market Fund LP ($3.3 billion)(1)(2) Kingate Global Fund Ltd. ($2.8 billion)(1)(2) Herald USA Fund & Herald Luxemburg Fund ($2.1 billion)(1)(2) Ascot Partners L.P. ($1.8 billion)(1) Gabriel Partners ($1.5 billion)(1) LUXALPHA SICAV- American Selection (1.4billion) (1) M-Invest Ltd (as much […]