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Nobody Cares About You or Your Fund

For an industry that prides itself on the ability to invest dispassionately, fund managers are surprisingly emotional about their own perceived value in the marketplace. Perhaps even more surprisingly, they expect allocators to behave like predictable robots rather than the fallible human beings they actually are.   First, the bad news   I hate to be the one to tell […]

Getting Your Reputation to Precede You is Easier Than You Might Think

My youngest daughter is incredibly persuasive. The way she applies the “door-in-the-face” technique to get what she wants is nothing short of masterful. Her approach: beg for the extraordinary; accept the ordinary. Works nearly every time. If she wants a stuffed animal, she starts by asking for a pony. Then a puppy. Hamster, ferret, gold fish, armadillo, snapping turtle… She feigns disbelief after […]

Skimming: The New Reading

When I receive an email – even if it is from a close colleague, business contact or friend, at best, I will skim the subject. If it’s interesting, I look at the body. If I see paragraphs, I’m gone. News sites and LinkedIn: I skim the headlines.  If interested I click, scroll fast, and read stuff in bold. I very […]

Coming Soon: “Reality” Hedge Fund TV

A hedge fund group is introducing a six part “reality” TV show called Hedge Fund Lions’ Den (HFLD). The show will feature three “lions” or heads of the current hedge fund industry, Luke Ellis, the president of of the world’s largest publicly traded hedge fund manager, Man Group; Lord Fink, philanthropist and CEO of ISAM, an alternative investment adviser; and Aberdeen Asset Management’s Andrew McCaffery. The first […]