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It’s Okay To Offend Some People

Casey Neistat has been going rogue for over a decade. Unhappy about the battery life of his iPod, he went around stenciling: iPod’s unreplaceable battery lasts only 18 months” on iPod ads. Apple began offering a battery-replacement program soon thereafter. It didn’t stop there. After getting a ticket for riding outside a bike lane, he filmed himself trying to stay […]

Is It “Yet” Yet?

Imagine that someone offered to arrange a ride for you in an unmarked, nondescript car, driven by a person you didn’t know who drove you to a pre-arranged destination where you got out and didn’t hand the driver any money.  Sounds a little nefarious; something you would dismiss out of hand.  But Uber has defined the ride-sharing industry, and it […]

Why People Aren’t Interested In Hearing What You Have To Say

Of course, this doesn’t apply to you.  When people encounter your marketing materials they are obviously going to stop everything they are doing and diligently digest the eloquent language that fills the pages of your brochure or marketing deck.   Yeah… that doesn’t happen.   People are in a hurry. They have things to do.  They don’t want to have […]

You are Taking Way Too Much Risk by Trying to Play it Safe…Here’s Why

We refer to marketing risk in the same way that asset managers refer to investment risk.  Conceptually speaking, there’s really no difference. Risk is risk. And irrespective of what you are investing in, if you want an increased return, you will likely require an increased amount of risk. In the investment world, there are plenty of strategies that generate huge […]

The Best Sales Training Story… Ever

Have you watched The Wolf of Wall Street? There’s a scene in the movie where someone is asked to sell a pen. On YouTube: “Wolf of Wall Street Pen Scene”. My story also involves a pen. This happened long before the movie came out. I was a young punk who thought he knew more than he did.  (Some would argue […]

Here’s How You can Build An Audience Regardless Of The Market Situation.

We receive several inquiries a week from managers that struggle getting into conversations. Many of them have excellent performance and an institutional infrastructure.   Between 4 and 10% of all hedge funds fail or close down each year, and countless others are half-started, abandoned or re-shaped into private investment pools for friends and family. The hard truth: It’s a tough […]

The Inflection Point In Marketing You ARE NOT Prepared For

Have you ever had a recurring  nightmare where impending doom approaches without the ability to warn anybody. I live this day after day when I walk into rooms and listen to our industry talk about marketing. The problem is mine, not the industry’s, as I have never been able to adequately articulate what is nagging me.   Well…I just figured […]

Four Trillion Reasons to Re-think What Business You’re Really In

Four point six trillion actually… That’s how much money Blackrock oversees. Ask most people what business Blackrock is in and they will undoubtedly just say, asset management. But that is a very myopic response. In my eyes, it is more accurate to characterize Blackrock as a marketing and distribution company that manages assets as opposed to the other way around. […]

“Good” Marketing Can’t Overcome “Bad” Salesmanship

When it comes to selling I have my style, the way I go about things. Regardless of the website I have in front of me, or brochure I have in my hand, I tend to lean on the familiar. If anyone critiques how I handle a sales situation, I tend to dismiss the feedback. This is one of my biggest […]

Every Thought Leader Does This… And Now I Have Proof That You Can Do It Too

No genuine relationship ever starts with one person asking another for money. – Kyle Dunn You know why people like free samples? Not a trick question. Free is good. And while it’s understood the objective is to get you to make a purchase, you know you are under no obligation. You know why sellers like to give free samples? Because […]