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There is no Secret Sauce to Hedge Fund Marketing: An Allocator’s Perspective on Avoiding Common Mistakes

David Modiano has personally reviewed, met with or performed in-depth diligence on nearly 2000 hedge fund managers as a Senior Investment Professional on Investcorp’s single-manager platform over the past five years. This after spending five years in a similar capacity with Lyxor, the alternative investment branch of Société Générale. If anyone is able to quickly evaluate a manager’s message, David […]

It’s Just Another Job Interview…

Recently, a friend of mine asked me to look over his resume before applying for a new job.  Putting myself in the position of the hiring manager, I could tell within 45 seconds if I’d consider giving him an interview.   We’ve all had to look through a stack of resumes before – it’s an extremely tedious task especially when you […]

Marketing Needs to be Uncomfortable to be Successful

I have been selling stuff for a long time.  With every day that passes, there seems to be fewer and fewer people that have been in the fight longer. It occurred to me some time ago that the only real success I have had personally, or been witness of, involved a hold-your-breath moment. There will be those that profess great […]

Think Your Firm Is Marketing Effectively? Take This Quiz

Q1: My company doesn’t have a blog. Seriously, who needs a blog… [YES/NO] Q2: I’m guilty of “social media abuse”. I started a LinkedIn page and am tweeting several times per week, but don’t really have a strategy around that. Sometimes, I find myself forcing myself to push out information multiple times per week. [YES/NO] Q3: Every quarter I send […]

How a Complete Breakfast Will Make You Re-Think How You Market Yourself

Imagine walking down the aisle of your grocery store and coming across 1000 different brands of breakfast cereal. What does a new cereal need to do in order to get noticed? Better yet, what does it need to do just to get on to a shelf that crowded? The new cereal may be “unique” but there is only so much space. The grocery […]

The Salesperson of the Future will be Invisible

No, I am not indicating that the future will be void of human contact, nor am I down playing the importance of relationships.  I am simply conveying that people now have a strong aversion to being “sold” to. This is especially true for institutional investors. They want to feel in control, that they have objectively made the decision to approach […]

Marketing! Do This And Reduce Your Anxiety

Marketing your fund can be stressful. You have such little time to evangelize on why someone should direct their capital your way. How often have you said to yourself, “If I just had a little more time, I know they would see it my way?” What happens next? You tend to cram as much information as possible into the smallest […]

5 Things That Everyone Should Be Doing To Measure Marketing ROI

Why is calculating your marketing Return on Investment (ROI) important? First and foremost, it’s because marketing should be viewed as an investment, and not as an expense. And like any smart investment, it need to be measured and monitored to make sure that it’s working for you, and not the other way around. Here’s how you can do so: 1. […]

Marketing Missteps: Insights From Top Placement Agents

I asked some of the industry’s top placement agents what they thought were the most common mistakes managers make in their attempt to raise capital.   Charlie Eaton (www.eatonpartnersllc.com)   People tend to enter the market without being fully prepared: story well articulated, materials included, etc.  Often times the PPM isn’t ready for distribution. That’s a mistake.   Managers also […]

Intimacy and Alternatives: Cross Over

I just spent a few minutes watching a video featuring Cory Richards. He’s a world famous photographer whose self-portrait made it on the cover of National Geographic. Cory took the photo just minutes after surviving a near death experience. (Link to the article).   Cory said something that struck me as profound.  Cory expressed that “intimacy is the linchpin to […]