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Every Thought Leader Does This… And Now I Have Proof That You Can Do It Too

No genuine relationship ever starts with one person asking another for money. – Kyle Dunn You know why people like free samples? Not a trick question. Free is good. And while it’s understood the objective is to get you to make a purchase, you know you are under no obligation. You know why sellers like to give free samples? Because […]

Re-think Your Marketing

Being a marketer, I read a lot about marketing. There is no central source of information. I wander the ethos and engage when something catches my eye.   There are plenty of people commenting on what to do, new techniques, new ideas, etc. Here I simply share my perspective on some things. Ideally something will trigger and push you in […]

Undeniable Proof That Funds Need More Than Performance

2015 was a really tough year for fund managers. According to Hedge Fund Research, the average Hedge Fund ended up losing, and also underperformed against the S&P 500. In fact, 674 liquidated in the first nine months of 2015. If the trend has continued into Q4, we would have seen more 2015 liquidations than in 2014, which saw 864 hedge funds […]

Why Does The Majority Of Capital Go To The Big Funds… An Interesting Perspective?

One can’t dispute that the majority of capital flows into the big funds, the Blackstone’s, Carlyle’s, Bridgewater’s of the world, etc. We all know why, don’t we? Well here’s an entirely different perspective. It simply relates to a breakdown in communication. Society has changed how it receives and processes information.  Regardless of whether you are a teenager or a CIO, […]

The Worst Advice You’ll Hear About Blogging

Commenting on blogs is a waste of time Refusing To Comment On Blogs is actually quite high up on the list of Bonehead Content-Marketing Mistakes. Refusing, because of the belief that commenting on blogs is a waste of time, just too time-consuming or a way to make yourself seem pretentious. That’s when you need to be told about companies like Mashable that made […]

Know When To Be Irrational!

I was recently in an exceptional presentation hosted by BMO Prime Brokerage Services. Good people. The panelists included Richard Pilosof from RPIA and Blair Levinsky from Waratah, both $1 billion+ asset managers in Canada. Blair was commenting on how a given foundation could make a few alterations to their portfolio and achieve the same returns with lower risk.  He kept […]

Why You Need to Change How You Present to Institutions

This is going to be an extremely short blog. Why has this (click here) become this (click here). And all of you serious people out there are going to instantly say that the second video is entertaining, but drivel.  A few comments: The second video has received 15,000,000 views… the first, 47,000.   If you don’t think marketers can build a […]

There is no Secret Sauce to Hedge Fund Marketing: An Allocator’s Perspective on Avoiding Common Mistakes

David Modiano has personally reviewed, met with or performed in-depth diligence on nearly 2000 hedge fund managers as a Senior Investment Professional on Investcorp’s single-manager platform over the past five years. This after spending five years in a similar capacity with Lyxor, the alternative investment branch of Société Générale. If anyone is able to quickly evaluate a manager’s message, David […]

It’s Just Another Job Interview…

Recently, a friend of mine asked me to look over his resume before applying for a new job.  Putting myself in the position of the hiring manager, I could tell within 45 seconds if I’d consider giving him an interview.   We’ve all had to look through a stack of resumes before – it’s an extremely tedious task especially when you […]

Marketing Needs to be Uncomfortable to be Successful

I have been selling stuff for a long time.  With every day that passes, there seems to be fewer and fewer people that have been in the fight longer. It occurred to me some time ago that the only real success I have had personally, or been witness of, involved a hold-your-breath moment. There will be those that profess great […]