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About Meyler Capital

Meyler was founded on the belief that the capital-raising process is ripe for disruption. Our marketing-centric approach leverages modern marketing strategies, technology and a robust group of industry experts to help you attract more capital. The Meyler team averages 20 years of global capital markets experience across a broad scope of disciplines. With access to a network of thousands of pre-qualified institutional and accredited investors, along with technology and tools like video, Sonar Marketing and robust analytics, we increase our clients’ potential for success in building a meaningful brand and accelerating asset momentum. For more information, please visit and

A Prediction of What the Alt Sector Will Look Like In 25 Years

There exists 3 mega-managers, each with trillions in AUM allocated across a wide spectrum of HF and PE strategies. The funds don’t particularly perform well, but they don’t perform poorly. Capital continues to follow the path of least resistance. People still don’t want to lose their jobs, and the general public remains oblivious to “investing” in general. All three mega […]

The Best Time of the Day to Send Emails to Prospective Investors

Managers have grown increasingly frustrated as email open rates continue to spiral downward reflecting the deluge of email hitting everyone’s inboxes. We get asked quite a bit for easy hacks to improve the likelihood that an email will get the attention it deserves. Outside of subject line, time of day the email is sent and type of device used by the recipient are big […]

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Job Search

Several years ago, while contemplating a career change, I found myself doing what most people do – reaching out to my network and asking them for help. You know – I explained how, “open-minded” I was to new opportunities and then asked them to “please keep me in mind if anything interesting hits your desk.” Apparently, nothing interesting seemed to […]

The 3 Times That Investors Really Want To Hear From You

Ever wondered when your monthly updates are most read? From the hundreds of campaigns we’ve launched to thousands of investors, email opens / engagement rates are highest when: 1. Markets are bad 2. Your performance is suffering We’re talking about a 3-5x multiplier in open percentages if you’re sending it out to your investors + hot prospects database. So – […]

Re-engage With Your Database This Fall

During the quieter summer months, how have you considered re-engaging your database when the busier fall months roll back in? More and more managers are now using webinars (i.e. quarterly updates w/ video + pitchbook content), much like how earnings reports for listed companies have done so for many years now. It’s a powerful tool for reaching out to prospective […]

Finally – A Formula For Raising Capital

Our industry is obsessed with formulas. Here is ours… as it relates to raising capital. Lets break it down. Pedigree – This is fairly self-explanatory.  If you have been a successful PM at Two Sigma for twenty years, you are going to have an easier time raising money than someone walking out of business school. Credible Tension – This variable […]

Too Many Managers Make This Same Mistake – and It’s Preventing Investors From Responding to Their Email

As an old colleague used to say, “NO!” is the second-best thing you can hear. Sure, it’s a sign of failure – but it frees you from having to wait by the phone (or email) for a response. “No” is liberating. It rids of you of that anxiety caused by the urge to send “just one last e-mail.” It allows […]

Investor Marketing & Communications [Video]

Investors are not going to call to tell you they are interested. Quite the opposite, really. At the outset they will actually do their best to avoid you. Over time you can build a model around this behavior and assign a lead score to prospective clients that start doing what people do before they invest. The higher the lead score, the […]

8 Things Your Marketing Deck Will Never Accomplish

1.) Convey the passion and conviction you have for what you do. People always tell us that they do well when they get in a room. They then spend a hundred hours trying to figure out how to capture this energy and put it in their deck. It isn’t possible. No matter how skilled you are at writing, you will […]

Generating Content For Your Prospective Investors Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard

Most managers believe in the need to market their fund in order to grow AUM, and plenty commit to doing so. The hard part though, is coming up with impactful content consistently that engages their prospective and current investors. The plain fact is that it is a struggle to create content consistently, let alone content that is impactful and engaging […]