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Blockchain-Based Smartphones are Real, Will they Catalyze Crypto Adoption?

  By David Drake   Mobile phones have proven to be a phenomenal development that has changed how people operate in their daily lives. Mobile phones, and especially smartphones, have evolved from being just a simple communication gadget to a rather critical tool with diverse functionality as opposed to its initial intended purpose. Today, it’s possible to accomplish many of […]

Can Samsung’s S10 Crypto Wallet inspire Mass Blockchain Adoption?

  By David Drake   Since the first mobile phone was developed over 40 years ago, the technology has significantly grown to become a platform where other technologies can establish themselves. There are  more than 4 billion mobile phone users in 2019 who are now able to enjoy nearly every service imaginable, from simple utility applications to complex ones. This critical mass […]

How Philippines is Establishing Itself as Asia’s Crypto Hub

  By David Drake   Philippines’ Union Bank has become the first bank to partner with the central bank of a country to launch a two-way cryptocurrency ATM machine. Users of this ATM will be able to sell and purchase digital assets by converting local fiat currency, the Peso, to bitcoins. The first bitcoin ATM machine was launched in 2015. […]

How Collaboration towards Crypto Regulation is Working in the Philippines

  By David Drake   There are over 4,450 cryptocurrency ATMs installed globally, which represents a 62% growth over a period of one year.  A recent Crypto ATM Market report projects that in the next five years, an exponential annual growth rate of at least 46% will be experienced in the industry. Further, the report projects an investment of $183 […]

Can Negative Perceptions Curtail the Potential of Cryptocurrencies?

  By David Drake   At the beginning of this year, cryptocurrencies received a huge bashing from world leaders during the World Economic Forum (WEF). Blockchain, on the other hand, was praised for its ability to revolutionize different sectors. Nearly two months after global leaders reflected on digital assets, it is emerging that Europe is ready to hit it off […]

Why Cryptocurrency Growth Could Slow Down in the Foreseeable Future

  By David Drake   As with any potentially revolutionary technology, cryptocurrencies have split opinions across board. This was reflected on the world stage during the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) conference held earlier this year in Davos, Switzerland. Critics have held that this asset class is over-valued and lacks the ability to replace fiat currency. During the WEF Conference, […]

From 2017’s Speculative Overbought to 2019’s Oversold: Is there Hope for Crypto Exchanges?

  By David Drake   With the first quarter of 2019 coming to an end, a glimpse of cryptocurrency performance for the period can be termed as lackluster, to say the least. Bitcoin prices have hit their lowest point since August 2017 with a low of $3,441 in January 2019. Cryptocurrency exchanges have not been spared by poor performance during […]

The Real Reason Behind Bitcoin’s Less than $4000 Price

  By David Drake   In November 2018, Bitcoin traded below the $4000 mark for the first time despite optimistic predictions that the market would experience an upsurge by December. Trading at $3600 on December 30, the price of this leading cryptocurrency is remarkably close to the lowest it has ever traded since October, 2017. Market values have improved since […]

Why Philippines Progressive Developments Could Strengthen Asia’s Cryptocurrency Dominance

  By David Drake   Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are common and vital in today’s financial world. They ease access to funds for users so they don’t have to physically visit bank premises. Similarly, cryptocurrency ATMs are important in the cryptocurrency industry. To foster global adoption to happen, cryptocurrency ATMs need to be installed in urban centers. Already, it is […]

How Private Banks are Demonstrating Interest in Digital Currencies

  By David Drake   The year 2019 seems to have started off with a renewed interest in the cryptocurrency industry among banks. Just weeks after Falcon Private Bank in Switzerland introduced a digital wallet and direct cryptocurrency transfers, another Swiss private Bank, Julius Baer, which is among the largest private banks in the country, has announced it will offer […]