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Does My Pitchbook Look Something Like This?

Take a step back in time, and a look at a magazine advertisement from the 1970s:

This is not a journalistic review about a new Polaroid camera, and it’s not a magazine about photography. This is a real, 2-page advertisement about Polaroid that contains paragraph after paragraph. Text, text, text, and more text. These 2 pages have even more words than most of the other pages in this issue of the magazine.

Ask yourself: Does my pitchbook look something like this?

In the past, this approach might have been effective. Evidenced by the advertisement from 1971, having paragraph after paragraph was something that companies did repeatedly, because it was working well then.

It was working well then, but certainly not anymore.

Check out a more recent camera advertisement, by Fujifilm that uses the same instant-print concept:

Sometimes, following convention just doesn’t cut it. Re-build your deck from the ground up using evolutionary language and establishing creative separation. No one’s stopping you from having more than one pitchbook at a time either; layer your information and split it up into two pitchbooks if necessary, depending on the prospect’s level of interest.

Beyond that, find out what actually happens after you’ve sent your pitchbook. There are tools out there which tell you whether its being read, re-read, which pages your prospects have been on, and which pages they last view before dropping off.

If you’re sending this out to dozens of prospects, you’ll be able to put together aggregate data to learn which pages capture more of your prospects’ interest, and if they’re even making it past the 50% mark of your pitchbook…


By Alan Chu

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