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How Bithumb Listing is Boosting Zcash Cryptocurrency on the Coin Market

How Bithumb Listing is Boosting Zcash Cryptocurrency on the Coin Market

by David Drake

Will the Bithumb Traction enable Zcash to Compete with Major Cryptocurrencies?

Zcash, previously referred to as ‘ZeroCoin’ or ‘Zerocash’, recently got listed on Bithumb as the ninth coin. The move has attracted attention to this private digital currency that came into existence in October, 2016.

Prior to its listing on Bithumb, Zcash traded on a virtual asset exchange called Poloniex in the United States. Zcash value and technology were subjected to a thorough review before gaining entry to the South Korea market via Bithumb, the biggest exchange for digital currencies in the country.

Competing closely

Though Zcash displayed signs of slow growth early this year, it recovered strongly in June with its price hitting the $435 mark, up from $26. There is no doubt that this digital coin is now competing closely with other bigger digital currencies in the cryptocurrency space. It is currently trading between $217 and $304.

Natalia Karayaneva, CEO at Propy says, “Such dramatic price changes of cryptocurrencies can be explained with speculation, especially after such announcement. However, what brings such increase in the long-term is usually the product advancement. In the case of Zcash, The Zcash team has made great strides on performance since their initial release. In the pending Sapling network upgrade, users will see significant performance improvements. This could mean a potential increase in the demand.”

The stabilizing price of Zcash indicates its competitiveness. It  also shows that the coin does not differ too much with other high ranking cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Dash and Ethereum. Currently, there are 2.31 million Zcash coins in circulation.

Secure and Private

Drawing inspiration from the Bitcoin, Zcash boosts privacy through its cryptographic tool, zkSNARKS, an element that is not provided for in Bitcoin.

This outstanding security and technology underlying Zcash coin captivated the coin market. It has led to a surge in the coin’s market capitalization which is now at $648.5 million, up from $1.3 million at the time of listing on Bithumb.

On the coin market, Zcash improved in ranking now at  the 15th position, from position 30 in December 2016. The coin has been experiencing steady growth with its every day exchange volumes between $26 million and $43 million.

However, Angel Versetti of Ambrosus notes that, “Fluctuations like this make one jealous of cryptocurrency exchange owners, because no matter which way it goes as long as there is volatility and massive trading riding the wave, the house always wins.”

Traders find the coin’s untraceability compelling with its encryption serving to conceal user identity, protect privacy and conceal transaction amounts. Zchash’s protective anonymity has seen its value attract recognition in US’s Silicon Valley as well as globally in countries such as China, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil and South Africa.

However, it is important to note that with Zcash, users are not be able to conduct audits on the blockchain. According to Kamil Przeorski, CEO and founder of Experty.io, this poses a risk for Zcash holders particularly if a bug hits the codebase.

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