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Video For Your Fund? It’s Long Overdue.



Video is not a new trend in marketing, but it keeps growing in importance. Anyone with access to the internet or a television doesn’t have to be told of video’s use to captivate an audience. However, the use of video has not spread as rapidly into as many industries as it should have; the alternative investments industry is one that is still somewhat hesitant to use it to the fullest of its abilities. Less than half of the top 25 hedge funds in the world have videos on their website.


People today are desensitized to persuasion in the form of written words because it’s everywhere in traditional forms of advertising. Most people would rather watch a one minute video about the previous sentence than read a 100 word paragraph about it. That’s why 4 out of 5 video viewers say a video showing how a product or service works is important to them.


Since this is the case, it makes sense for alternative investment firms to use video to simplify why they have a competitive edge in their space. Now, some individuals are hesitant about using video because of regulatory concerns or a fear that it will seem to only target retail investors. If that sounds familiar you only need to visit Bridgewater’s website to dispel such fears, the firm has a dozen videos online. Bridgewater’s video on their culture of tape recording everything that happens in their meetings is a perfect example of video being used to create a definitive brand in that industry. I recommend you watch it.


Research by Aberdeen, a leading marketing research company, says marketers who use video grow revenue 49 % faster than non-video users. If you’re not using video, what is there to lose by having just one available on your website for a start? Video is still an effective way to ease your targeted audience prospective LPs into more complex subject matters, if need be, and keep them engaged. Or at least more so than they would be had video not been used.


DID YOU KNOW? The use of the word “video”
in the subject line boost email open rates 19%.



Consider these as you begin picturing where it can be placed on your website:

1. The use of mobile platforms has surpassed that of desktop. Therefore, ensuring that video has an equal impact on mobile as it does on desktop should be every marketer’s priority.

2. Your entire investment strategy should not be outlined in one video. Creating video content that will allow you to share multiple stories will be more effective for audience engagement.




By Dami Oloidi

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