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Global Dow become the underlying index for State Street Global Advisors

Dow Jones Indexes, a leading global index provider, announced The Global Dow, which measures the stock performance of 150 of the world’s leading companies, will become the underlying index for State Street Global Advisors’ SPDR® Global Dow ETF, effective May 2, 2011.

The equally weighted 150 stocks in The Global Dow are selected by an Averages Committee comprised of the Managing Editor of The Wall Street Journal, the head of Dow Jones Indexes research and the head of CME Group research – the same selection process used by the Dow Jones Industrial Average. (In 2010, CME Group acquired 90% of Dow Jones Indexes from Dow Jones & Co., a division of News Corp., and publisher of The Wall Street Journal

The Global Dow replaces Dow Jones Indexes’ Dow Jones Global Titans 50 Index as the underlying index for the State Street Global Advisors’ product previously known as SPDR Global Titans ETF. The Dow Jones Global Titans 50 Index is comprised of 50 of the world’s largest publicly traded multinational companies, selected using float-adjusted market capitalization, revenue and net income.

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Alex has been specializing in hedge fund and alternative investment news since April 2006. Working mainly in research and manager interviews, she has published breaking news on the hedge fund industry on her blog, as well as several industry publications. Her access to hedge fund managers gives her insight into news stories as well, and the ability to track press releases and other breaking news in real time.
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One Response to Global Dow become the underlying index for State Street Global Advisors

  1. Rich Silverman says:

    Alex –

    I hope you are well. By way of introduction, I am the director of PR for DJ Indexes.

    Your story about The Global Dow is fine. However, the headline, which I presume you did not write, is incorrect. We did not just launch The Global Dow. Rather, as your story describes, we (and SSgA) announced that The Global Dow will become the underlying index for SSgA’s SPDR Global Dow ETF.

    If you could please see that the headline is changed to reflect the properly reported story, I’d appreciate it.

    Rich Silverman

    Director, Global PR
    Dow Jones Indexes

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