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Precious Metals: A Minuscule Market, BLS Jobs Report Worthless, Obama Continues to Increase Spending, U.S. Treasury Zero-Rate Auction

The volatility of precious metals prices will continue to astound. For those requiring a courage boost, I offer the following information as succor…

The Precious Metals market is minuscule – Matterhorn Asset Management
The graph below shows how small the gold and silver industries and markets are in relation to major US corporations and to total world financial assets. The market capitalisation of the silver industry is only $ 9 billion and of the gold industry $ 200 B whilst Microsoft is valued at $250 B and Exxon 350 B.

Both the silver and gold industries as well as the physical markets are so small that any increase in demand is likely to drive prices very substantially higher.

Zerohedge further exposes the BLS Friday jobs report as a worthless…

Even as the BLS and the administration are trying to cover up the real state of unemployment affairs using assorted semantic gimmicks of just what it means to be unemployed, and as companies provide adjusted EPS numbers, while actual earnings continue to collapse, the true barometer of spending, provided by the Financial Management Service, tax withholdings (net of refunds), continues to paint the truest picture of just what is really happening with both America’s consumer and the corporate world….

…On a rolling 12 month basis, individual tax withheld has dropped by nearly 8% YoY, from $1.42 trillion to $1.31 trillion, while company witholdings are down a whalloping 64%, from $274 billion to just under $100 billion! Read More…

Of course, the Obama administration is aware of the true nature of the unemployment problem…

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama called for a major new burst of federal spending Tuesday, perhaps $150 billion or more, aiming to jolt the wobbly economy into a stronger recovery and reduce painfully persistent double-digit unemployment. Read More…

Geithner said to be seeking TARP extension until next October –

Bloomberg.com reports Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner plans to tell Congress that the Obama administration will extend the $700 billion financial-rescue program until next October, according to people familiar with the matter. While the Troubled Asset Relief Program expires on Dec. 31, Geithner can extend it by notifying Congress. A letter notifying Congress of the extension could come as soon as today, said the people, who declined to be identified. Andrew Williams, a Treasury Department spokesman, declined to comment. The TARP, passed in October 2008 to prevent a collapse of the financial system, has drawn criticism from Congressional opponents of taxpayer-funded bailouts of banks including Citigroup Inc. The Obama administration, preparing the ground for an extension, has emphasized that the program may also be used to aid homeowners and small companies.

Both actions above are US$ bearish, precious metals bullish. Add to the mix the recent zero-rate U.S. Treasury auction and you can see why our Gold and Silver investment thesis remains intact…

U.S. Treasury zero-rate auction matches record low
WASHINGTON, Dec 8 (Reuters) – The 0.000 percent high yield on the U.S. Treasury’s four-week bill auction on Tuesday matches the lowest on record for the security, the Treasury’s Bureau of the Public Debt said.

The Treasury’s auction of $29 billion in four-week bills at a strong 5.33 bid-to-cover ratio marks only the fourth time that the security was sold at a zero rate. The other three zero-rate auctions occurred in December 2008, near the height of the financial crisis.

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