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Francesco Rusciano – a timeline of hedge fund fraud

Of all the hedge fund fraud cases, Francesco Rusciano & the Ponta Negra funds, is probably the least interesting, except for one thing: the proximity to VP Joe Biden through Paradigm Global.

Based on the information that is freely available online I’ve put together the timeline leading up to Francesco Rusciano arrest.

  • 1982: Born to Frank Louis Rusciano and Roberta FiskeRusciano
  • 2003: Writes paper on Brazilian “C” bonds for Cornell
  • 2003: Graduates from Cornell
  • 2003: Starts working for UBS handling Brazilian bond transactions
  • June 1, 2006. Rusciano resigns from UBS after the it was discovered that he had misreported his transactions.
  • February, 2007: Sets up Ponta Negra Group, LLC & Ponta Negra Fund I
  • August, 2008: Forged a statement which showed he had $43 million under management rather than $3 million.
  • February, 2009: Starts Ponta Negra Offshore Fund I
  • March 18, 2009: Bronte Capital breaks the story of Fraud at Ponta Negra Group
  • April 27, 2009: SEC freezes the assets of Ponta Negra Group
  • May 1st, 2009: Francesco Rusciano is arrested
  • May 4th, 2009: Francesco Rusciano is released to parents on 500,000 bond

(PS: image from bronte capital blog)

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3 Responses to Francesco Rusciano – a timeline of hedge fund fraud

  1. John Hempton says:

    That is right. This is dull.

    It was however interesting to try and prove it was a fraud whilst it was still operating. I did that for fun and games – and to see where it would lead me.

    Usually I do not bother reporting frauds. The SEC generally does nothing anyway.


  2. John Hempton says:

    Also – I take it that you are aware that Hedgeco – your organisation – previously sued Jared Toren and Jeff Schneider – the two distributors of Ponta Negra – for theft of your database.

    You have a bet on this race – and you should probably be acting to protect your reputation.

    I have put the lawsuit here:


  3. Aaron Wormus says:

    Hi John!

    Thanks for dropping by our site, we’re all big fans and appreciate the investigative work that you’ve been doing to uncover all the bits and pieces of this fraud. I wrote a more official article about your work at:


    This also mentions the legal action currently taking place between HedgeCo and Jared Toren and Jeff Schneider.

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